Crazyhouse variant – Blitz Chess w/ commentary

Crazy indeed is this chess variant. When you capture an enemy piece, you can then use it as your own by dropping it on a vacant square as your move. Crazy yes? Maybe that’s an understatement! I can’t help but be curious about the number of unique Crazyhouse chess games there are. Calling all mathies…get on that! 😀

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  1. In shogi most pieces move so locally that dropping captured pieces is more balanced. With chess rules i dont think the drop rule works as well.

  2. @chessnetwork have u ever play bughouse chess?

  3. Not too crazy considering it's the standard in shogi. On that note I'd love to see a chessnetwork video of him playing shogi lol.

  4. IMadirtycheater was watching
    he was scouting you jerry 😉

  5. Can you not drop ANY piece on the 8th rank? I thought you said pawns on the 2nd through 7th. Say, your rook on H1# at 7:30? Nevermind. I'd paused it, then you addressed it.

  6. Did any of you hear of the swedish chess variant? me and my friend at school play it all the time
    Basically, it's co-op chess with teams of two, playing opposite colors sitting side by side, the opponent team sits in front of them. When the white player of a team takes one of his opponent's black pieces, his team-mate can place the pieces he gives him like crazyhouse variant. It's awesome.
    Rules: No placing piece as checkmate
    No placing pawns on 7,8 or 1st rank from your pov

  7. 4:40 Not an usual battery you see in Chess: Light Square Bishop Battery.. Haha
    8:00 Rook h1 is a juicy square. But be careful about the bishop drop defense!
    11:20 The tricky In-Betweeners xD

    Gg wp! A funny chess variant!

  8. @ move at, wouldn't a rook placement on a1 fork win the queen?

  9. This is amazing, do more! They could have played pawn to b7 at 10:48 that would have been good

  10. I enjoyed the video. I would like to see more blitz games!!!!

  11. Shogi uses the same capture/drop system. However, the pieces in shogi are much weaker and slower than their chess counterparts.

  12. So you can't place pawns on 8th and 1st rank?

  13. I did a quick back-of-the-envelope calculation as to how many possibilities there are. I came up with infinity + 1.

    No, sorry. It's infinity + 2.

  14. This makes me want to go play on lichess from now on… More crazy chessvariants please.

  15. I would love to see more of these videos!

  16. You played with me and it was really fun, Thank you ! 🙂

  17. After the guy used all his reserve, on move 20, why didnt Jerry drop the rook on H1?? He cant take, cant drop anything.
    Check, skewer and the Queen is gone

  18. There are exactly 43 possible CrazyHouse games.
    You're welcome internet.

  19. "Yooooo!" – Jerry 2016
    I like it, gangster Jerry 😉

  20. "How many unique games of Crazyhouse are there?"

    Well, considering the number of POSSIBLE regular Chess games (keep in mind most would be nonsensical games) is around 10^10^50 (10 to the power of 10 to the power of 50!!!), even though a more sensible number would be 10^40.
    …then I'm not sure you wanna know Jerry ahahah, I'm not sure there is actually a way to calculate it.
    Oh just for good measure, the number of atoms in the observable universe is 10^80.

    Great video as always Jerry!

  21. This was really fun to watch. Great job Jerry. Very enjoyable.

  22. The crazyhouse fanatic playing field is in FICS. I used to be one of them ;p

  23. "I'm definitely gonna drop a pawn!" has a completely different meaning in this variant 🙂

  24. Are you going to be playing more of this? Looks fun

  25. MORE CRAZYHOUSE!! sharpen those tactics 🙂

  26. Fun variant. If the king ran as you indicated, you could move your other queen to e6 to deliver check, but your opponent could then drop a piece in the way. Crazy game.

  27. What a brilliant variant! So much scope for out of the box thinking, I prefer it to the original!

  28. As regards the number of possible games, it's going to be insane. Imagine both sides capture everything, and you are left with 2 kings on the board. Then the next player has how many available moves? 15*62 + 8.

  29. Due to the rate at which the complexity spirals out of control, there may be some chance that humans will surpass computers at this game. I would like to see more of these!

  30. I was wondering when you were going to see Rh1 😀

  31. Shogi time lol ^^
    I personnaly never play any of these variants since when Im tired of chess I play at shogi (which is a much more elaborate take on this theme : you actually have some pieces who move almost like kings so theyre pretty useless when they move on the board but when you drop them in front of your opponnent king thats when they show their true forces ^^) and when Im tired of shogi I play at xiangqi ^^

  32. u missed skewering the queen at 7:40, u could have droped a rook on h1

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