Crazy blitz chess in action! – Grandmaster Chess

Straight-up 3-minute blitz action.

check it out!

1:22:06 is what happens when I get angry.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

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Chess Stream #130 LiChess Session. Crazy blitz chess in action! – Grandmaster Chess


  1. DEAR MR.GM GINGER …..the chess world 🌎 knows , everyone from Harry 2 the king to arty, after checkmate is said , put that in ya pipe n smoke it at the party 🥳..appreciate you 🗽🍻

  2. Come on mate, you're getting your arse kicked. Destroy these fools 👍

  3. The 2 knights tactic vs valhalla_sk was lovely. Reminds me why I'll never be a GM. No way would I have seen that with an hour to look at it.

  4. if I compare your movement of pieces with the mouse to mine, it looks like the pieces are lagging behind the mouse cursor. Is that also the case if you are not streaming? It's like a rubber-band between the piece you're moving and the mouse cursor. You know what I mean?

  5. Very enjoyable games. It has been raining all day here and this video helped me pass my time creatively. You should premove more often, it will help a tone!

  6. You're my favorite chess youtuber. So entertaining to watch you play, drink and comment your games. Your videos are not as instructive as videos from other youtubers, but for me it's kind of motivating to see, that even you as a GM sometimes miss an 'easy' move oder blunder pawns/pieces/mates. Keep up the good work and greeting from Germany!

  7. Simon you missed checkmate in 1 on one of your games when they blundered!

    Kb1 Qd1#

  8. I love Simon and the content but the standard seems to have really dropped over the last 10 months or so

  9. Perfect Friday night viewing with a few pints of Guinness.

  10. 10 seconds before the money shot it all falls apart. Wish I'd been on the stream. Simon + Blitz + Beer = great craic.

  11. Absolutely 'kin brilliant Simon. Angry chess is like angry sex…the best.

  12. Wanted to say thank you for your stuff on the Dutch. I've just started to go to my local club, and the Classical Dutch just got me through the first round of its annual competition. Now I just have to actually learn the stuff off the course you did with Tiger Hillarp Persson, so I know what to do when they play e4, not d4

  13. Simon, you are proving that chess is a game with no logic lol

  14. Mr. williams. You bring the mystery back to chess.

  15. Simon, that checkmate with the Nc7 / Bd6 Be6 / Nf7 is not a bathtub, it's a hot tub checkmate! LOL

  16. Sweet mother of Jesus! There are some fucking beautiful attacking games in this one! This is the kind of shit that makes Tal pee his pants and suck his thumbs 6 feet under. More, please!

  17. Thanks for sharing the highs and lows. Its very relatable to all of our journeys in chess. Love the Blitz and beer vids. Keep them coming you legend.

  18. 1hr 26 minutes yes Simon I am entertained indeed!!! One of the best mates on Lichess live stream!!! ✊👍🏼👏👏👏👏

  19. 1:25:50 if you play chess and you got to do that, you've cracked chess. Goddamn it man, that was so beautiful!!! Morphy would be so damn proud! I enjoyed that one..

  20. Hahhhahhhahhhahhhahh, very good stream… Amazing attack, Simon!!!

  21. In the final game when Simon resigned, doesn't g5 mean the queen has to move and the white rook is hanging?

  22. Great entertainment, even when you don't win your games are inspiring!

  23. Simon is oscillating between brilliancy and stupidity. That's how we like it. LoL

  24. Always drink the same amount of beer you did for this video. Some beautiful chess!! hahaha

  25. FYI: 'Bjørn' rhymes with 'learn', not 'torn'.

  26. Is there any one else that totally understands what's going on while Simon is explaining. But during a real game I become more befuddled and lost than my current president. Ice cream does make my losses more tolerable though. 😀

  27. best video ever dude, u loose with alot of grace man!

  28. what does "losing tempo" mean that you not worried about?

  29. alcohol and chess , hmmm…the more alcohol the more blunders

  30. I am entertained! totally amazing sequence of games. stick in the family album!

  31. 00:00:00 – Welcome
    00:00:02 – English Defense vs M1nds
    00:05:36 – Trompowsky Attack: Classical Defense, Big Center Variation vs M1nds
    00:11:50 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Buenos Aires Variation vs M1nds
    00:18:00 – Trompowsky Attack: Raptor Variation vs M1nds
    00:23:27 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Buenos Aires Variation vs M1nds
    00:29:16 – Trompowsky Attack: Raptor Variation vs serzhi1966
    00:38:05 – Dutch Defense: Rubinstein Variation vs valhalla_SK
    00:46:19 – Modern Defense vs gunnermuri11
    00:51:06 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation vs MIGV
    00:57:04 – Hungarian Opening: Dutch Defense vs awzkpfwbzp
    01:03:22 – Trompowsky Attack vs IamNeneu
    01:10:02 – Queen's Pawn Game: Mason Variation vs AMR25
    01:16:31 – Horwitz Defense vs DmitryCoach
    01:22:08 – Tarrasch Defense: Marshall Gambit vs Principatibus
    01:27:38 – Dutch Defense: Classical Variation, Blackburne Attack vs tizpa96

  32. You really are one of a kind, mate. In the best possible way.

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