Chess is unforgiving | Raunak Sadhwani vs Denis Lazavik | World Blitz 2022

You can be the best chess player the world has ever seen or maybe it’s your first time, the game does not discriminate. The game can give you enormous joy but also the pain of failure. GM Raunak Sadhwani (2657) is one of India’s brightest talents; in round seven of the World Blitz Championship 2022, he faced GM Denis Lazavik (2484). Watch the video to see what happened at the end of the game?

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I constantly see such play on my “go to sleep” account (1700 lichess and even below that sometimes). Put knight on d5 to bait knight takes which leads to pawn fork. Push g pawn whenever possible. All beginner-level hope-tactics. Then white was not able to stop a pawn storm himself, then blunders a basic knight fork. If that’s a GM play, then there are millions of GMs out there

  2. Kaise GM ban gya hai ye .. Isse acha to mai khel leta hun 😁

  3. Denis is a strong young talent. Not a nice thing for the game when one player arranges all the pieces after the clock is stopped…

  4. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    alot of blunders from the white pieces player …. but at all its chess and in this game good days come after bad days GL both next matches

  5. Misleading title, white got crushed the whole game… I was expecting black to throw the game in one move blunder. Awesome victory by Lazavik

  6. The way black pressed the clock from the start, very much impressive.

  7. Hm, Raunak is something new from India. Indian players are usually very classy and they would never leave the board without setting up the pieces.

  8. what unforgiving he was worse the entire game and got crushed

  9. Complete opening blunder!! Even GMs play like this…. Unexpected

  10. More unforgiving is the Donk didn't Fix his Pieces after getting Twatted

  11. at least stay back and rearrange the pieces it's basic courtesy

  12. Overconfidence can cloud ones brain. How about putting the pieces back as professional courtesy?

  13. black played extremly well.. no words, amazed!

  14. He played mercilesslyo but he had much courtesy to rearrange all chess pieces in order.

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