Chess Grandmaster Yasser Seirawan plays Blitz Chess

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  1. Yasser is a Boss😎. So cool and chill. He’s the father I never had… you can tell he’s a great man🍻🕺🏼

  2. The ”oooh” and ”mmmm” at 20:39 and 20:46 😂 im picturing hearing those playing live against him.

    Thats when i knew, that i fucked up..

  3. Who is the goofus at 4:53 making a ton of noise, I was literally peaking until I felt like someone was watching me… lol

  4. If there was Chess God's Voice, it would be Yasser's. (Y)

  5. Yasser reminds me of a detective in a video game narrating the story as you play through the game, so soft & relaxed.

  6. 16:04 Hey does anyone know how that move is done? Like how you are able to overlap your own pieces if you know it is going to be taken the next turn? I've seen it done a lot but I have no idea how to actually do it. Seems really useful to save time for fast games like blitz

  7. Its so funny how Yasser gets the advantage and Eric handles the time pressure of the last 10 seconds 😀 What a team^^

  8. George W Bush Center for Intelligence says:

    Oddly he reminds me of beast from the X-Men animated 90s cartoon.

  9. Wow!! This has been the most instructive and entertaining chess session with commentary I have ever seen on youtube. I want to see more Yasser!! From a long time fan here who owns many of his books.

  10. Lets go yasser what do you do with passed pawns?

    P U S H EM B A B Y

  11. isn't he the greatest guy in chess? truly admire him.

  12. Yasser, there's a burglar behind you, raiding the closet!

  13. Greetings from Indonesia, Yasser!!! Love you, yeah baby!

  14. I love Yasser. The dad i wish a had or even better the friend i wish i had like Yasser.
    When i became homeless i was gifted his book and that is how i learned chess and English.
    Was the only thing i had to distract me from the cold.

  15. Eric and yaseer . Their calm voices !! Best chess streamers

  16. I can resist just about everything but temptation – grabbed a pawn

  17. Amazing content. Yasser's play in the last game, in particular, is art.

  18. It's impossible not to love Yasser. Such a great ambassador for the game.

  19. Such a legend. So therapeutic to watch some lovely chess

  20. "I need a boy, oh I need a boyy!" Wait a moment, is this even legal? 🙂

  21. 26:25 Scrambleton caught that boy by surprise. Yasser was cruising in 1st gear and Aman took it to 100 instantly 😂 The guy must have been confused as fuck by the change in speed and all of a sudden he's got no rooks and is looking at unstoppable pawn 😅 Feels bad man

  22. What are the time stamps for the lyrics of push em baby

  23. Yassers voice is so smooth.
    His chess game is also smooth.
    Thank u God for giving us GM yasser

  24. Don't forget that Yasser isn't just a master teacher. He beat former world champion Mikhail Tal the first three times he played Tal in serious games. The great Bobby Fischer lost the first 4 times he played Tal and until he played the world championship match with Boris Spassky he had lost when he played Boris in FIDE rated games. Yasser is a kind and patient teacher who helps chessplayers relax, quite unlike Bobby!

  25. Most of my loaned chess books have eventually come back to me, but not Yasser's. They stay gone.

  26. Anyone else watching this in 2022 and realizing AGAIN that Yasser is one of the best things to happen to Chess in the history of the game?? #WeNeedMoreYasser!

  27. Another question that I have is at 38:48 black plays e5. It's not intuitively obvious to me why that move is played because after dxe5, dxe5, the queens see each other and why has Qxd8+, followed by Kxd8, which prevents black from castling.

  28. Yasser is by far my favourite chess personality

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