Carlsen vs Nepo | Who is stronger in blitz? World Blitz 2021

After the World Championship Match 2021, all the battles between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi have been eagerly anticipated by the viewers. After their draw at the World Rapid 2021, everyone was looking forward to a decisive result in the blitz. And they did get it! But who really won? Check out the video to find out!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Nepo with the annpying headshaking, just fking play Chess. These guys are so arrogant man

  2. some months ago people used to bring that nepo has a huge advantage on magnus and now magnus is owning nepo again and again 🥴🥴🥴

  3. One match can't prove who is stronger- Magnus or Nepo, though we know Magnus is stronger than Nepo 🙂🙂

  4. Magnus always has to arrange nepo's pieces at the end

  5. This is why I hate comment section because lotsa men are fangirling

  6. Going by the handshake at the end…. I declare that Magnus grip hand shake was stronger …. Therefore it is Magnus!!!!

  7. Nepo constantly shakes his head in the first minutes of the match. Probably because he realizes that placing his Knight on c6 was strategically not the best decision.

  8. Nepo will still take time to recover after the WCC

  9. That question is a no brainer..
    Of course Magnus is stronger.. he simply just had a bad run

  10. Nepo looks at his opponents too much. I wonder if that was one of the reasons he lost at the world championship.

  11. Carlsen is better in any time format. Period

  12. Forget chess, magneto would beat Nepito even in snake & ladder

  13. Nepo's faces he makes are making me laugh! He seems to be feeling good. He's like "yea yea I'm in the world blitz championship, can't touch dis"

  14. Nepo shaking his head remembering that God damn game 6😂😡

  15. Nepo has nothing to be angry at Magnus. He ruined his games at the match himself.

  16. Ian’s gestures and facial expressions are obnoxious

  17. Nepo just ran away at the end leaving Mangus to clean up. Kind of bad manners if you ask me.

  18. at the end Carlsen arranges the black and white pieces, an example of humility!

  19. Give 20 blitz games to carlsen against anyone and 9/10 times he will win the match

  20. nepo is still nervous against magnus

  21. Thanks for the video! It confuses me a bit though that the chess diagram appears from the black perspective, would prefer it from the white perspective, since we are more use to seeing it that way. Just a suggestion, thanks!

  22. Nepo is very strong player but once he gets into tilt, he starts to blunder. He needs to be more emotionally resilient.
    It is not easy but I believe he can do it.

  23. Magnus be like
    Uffff….Once again

  24. nepo is not a challenger for magnus for now; I would say others like firouza, and the recent rapid world champion who is 17.

  25. It's strange that Nepo will fold his internal state to Magnus, definitely a weakness. I think Nepo just does not have the emotional resilience yet. Defo one of the best, and a great guy who will come back stronger. And also definitely should of helped Magnus set that table up afterwards.

  26. Why did nepo sacrificed queen for no reason

  27. Another great game played by my favorite chess player Magna Carta

  28. Can somebody kindly explain to me how this competition is going thought both Magnus and Nepo lost to some guy who became the champion??

  29. What happend in 1:21 in the back? She only moved 10 times and finished her game wow

  30. Ian fakingly shakes his head from middle game until he eventually loses…

  31. The fact that at 8:04 Magnus looks after Ian and then fixes his pieces for him.
    If you think about it. Class act!

  32. I think that they were probably both reeling from the World Championship, as well as the previous time for preparation. Neither did extremely well in the World Rapid or Blitz Championships. And Carlsen played well under his standard in the Blitz event.

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