Carlsen vs Nepo | Who is stronger in blitz? World Blitz 2021

After the World Championship Match 2021, all the battles between Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi have been eagerly anticipated by the viewers. After their draw at the World Rapid 2021, everyone was looking forward to a decisive result in the blitz. And they did get it! But who really won? Check out the video to find out!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Magnus is really a Magnanimous!!!!! See how humble he is?

  2. loved how the rook and knight dominated and thrashed the rook and bishop becase in these types most of them are draw but if any side has more winning chances it was r+b. As we all know r+b better than r+n in general and q+n better than q+b

  3. Boy…Nepo is a very un-likable person. So happy he lost.

  4. There is no doubt Carlsen has huge advantage at end, just curious why Nepo resigned. Has Carlsen won?

  5. Nepo rocking that tide hunter shirt while playing chess. That’s dope!

  6. evil aura between them. felt physically.
    Ian is usually cheerful with Magnus. But after the World Cup…
    Magnus is a genius. but he went too far, saying that he was no longer interested in the chess crown (no one to play with)
    .objectively, carlsen is stronger, but Jan could have won if not for broken nerves. anything happens.

  7. Пацанчик играя черными, сыграл е5, чтобы защитить пешку а6 и допустил размен ферзем, испортив пешки на королевском фланге. Плохие пешки против коня и ладьи – это всегда плохо.

  8. Why does nepo keep shaking his head? I imagine that might be quite distracting for opponents.

  9. Magnus made nepo commit his queen side pawn on the light squares so the dark square bishop cant protect it and then trade his dark square bishop for the knight and the rook does the clean up job after trading queens with doubled pawns damn magnus

  10. Do you prefer to play with the white pieces or with the black pieces?

  11. Me gustaría saber a qué le dice que no Nepo. 🙄

  12. Ян какую то чушь наиграл! Смотреть противно!

  13. Magnus won the game i wondering what's a move taken by magnus

  14. Estos pendejos ni siquiera se miran entre si, tanta bronca se tienen

  15. in the start of the video:- "okay players please start your clock"
    what i heard:- "okay players please shut your mouth 😂"

  16. Great , digital board makes so easy to enjoy it

  17. Seeing nepo esthetically shakes his head💀

  18. i m indian and supporting nepo just bcz he is russian

  19. As a newbie to chess, can someone explain why Nepo ended the game? Seemed early to accept defeat

  20. Can someone please explain what happened at the end?

  21. Why do People playing against Magnus give up pawns for free in the middle game. They try to outsmart him and lose. stupidity at best.

  22. Magnus won. Nepo surrender (kings in white cells at the end of game showing the result)

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