Carlsen – MVL: A blitz chess masterpiece

Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson takes us through one of the most entertaining Blitz games he has seen in a while.
Replay the game with comp analysis:

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  1. One of the bests blitz games i've ever seen!

  2. Was hoping you guys would do a video of this game. Thanks!

  3. Awesome blitz game by Magnus. Quality and very very impressive! Thank's Jan.

  4. I believe the time control was 5 0 with 3 sec delay, not 3 2.

  5. Great game and analysis, but it was 5 minutes + 3 second delay rather than 3+2 bonus. Still very impressive of course!!

  6. "hey guys, this is a picture from a different game!" Ok. thanks Jan 😀

  7. Wait and see what Radio Jan has to say when he finds out that now you are analysing blitz games!

  8. Makes it better that you slipped up, classic Jan charisma saving the day! Great analysis, great vid 👍

  9. Who says Carlsen can't play dynamic, attacking chess?

  10. The time control was 5 min with 3 seconds delay, not 3min +2sec.

  11. Sure, I'll take a break from my The Wire marathon for this game.

  12. I don't know your setup but cutting something out should take like 2 minutes. Anyway, ty for analysis.

  13. really very impressive… aside from the rook manoeuver and all the dynamics it did introduce, I do like particularily how he "gave up" the h2 pawn eying Bg8 with check picking up the central pawn and threatening mate in g8!! Did he see all that in advance?? waw!!

  14. Why was a maneuver like a5 Ba6 b4 never possible for black to free his bishop? Maybe after white played Ke2 or something? Just too slow?

  15. Certainly this rook manouvre is interesting, but what is so spectacular about it? I mean, the g file was obviously the strongest file for the rook and this manouvre was the only way to take it there.

  16. A like for the "too lazy to redo the video" :))

  17. A very enjoyable game. Thanks, Jan! Only … why do you have a girl's name?! (Jan … hee hee hee!)

  18. Great commentary Jan..fantastic game selection.

  19. Uh. How can it be too late to edit a video? Nice one anyway

  20. (approx) : "Most people play e4 or d4 on move 1 without the loss of material."
    I'm LOLing at a chess video.

  21. Great game, lousy commentary, semi-inaudible.!!

  22. Dude you could have edited this so it didn't become a dumpster fire when you accidentally closed the window….I mean god that was bad and I usually enjoy your analysis videos

  23. mvl is 4th nopt 3rd -.,- look at your own list XD

  24. Wow … wow !!! …. I don’t play chess well but I always enjoy watching chess game. This one is extraordinary, Magnus Carlsen has the aggressiveness like Rashid Nezhmetdinov, Fischer and Mikhail Tal in the old days …. courageous full speed attack, no compromise…. World champion in action ….. , and GM Jan Gustafsson present and explain this game beautifully…. thanks a lot

  25. You ever heard of editing? Cut that crap out. I dont want to see the final posistion

  26. "..and black's bishop not even a spectator… [but a] a prisoner" really like those pictures, I do remind them in my own games thinking about positions. Thanks for those Jan.

  27. o.o carlsen shows that he can play like alpha zero being a human

  28. I wonder if there is an engine that shows you the threats…

  29. Person who analyze blitz is stupid – Rashid nezhmetedinov

  30. Deaf fend Italy a blitz came well worth analyzing just for the sheer fun of it.

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