Carlsen-Morozevich, World Blitz Championship 2012

This game was played in the 19th round of the World Blitz Championship 2012 in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  1. At 8:59 Morozovich blundered the rook by Qb8+ then Rc7 orRd6 would fall

  2. La reine des noirs avait une opportunité avant que le roi des blanc ce block a l'extrême côté tour

  3. これはスーツの人が勝ったんですか?

  4. Uai… não sei quem ganhou. Foi o de azul ou o de branco?

  5. 4:35. Can someone please correct me if I’m wrong?

    Magnus paused for a long time and IMO could have won the game here. If he moved rook to G5, pinning the black pawn in front of the king, then opponent has to move queen to d6 block knight h6 check which magnus could counter with bishop e5, then opponent runs out of defense and has to move his queen, then magnus plays knight h6 check forcing opponent to move king to the corner, then magnus plays bishop g7 checkmate.

    No chance I saw that during that pause and the best player in the world didn’t, so someone please tell me why magnus didn’t play those moves. Thanks!

  6. Exactly at 5.33 what move is that. Carlsen takes the black pawn what is name of that move?

  7. Soy la señora pedo y me gusta el ajedrez

  8. Por qué termino ahí , si aún podía mover

  9. Mr. Bean movie. When he was laying down trying to sleep 😄😇

  10. I'm practice Bcs tomorrow We tournament In school

  11. 5:35 te beyazlı arkadaş hile yapıyor. Piyon yanındaki piyonu nasıl yer ?

  12. 😮😮😮5:33 what tha ** how did he do this ?????

    شلون مشت عليهم ياكل يمين ويقدم امام هههههههه😂😂😮

  13. Olá boa tarde tudo de bom para você feliz domingo 😍🙏

  14. assisti a porra toda e não sei quem ganhou kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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