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This channel features all things chess! I have decided to embrace the joy of playing, improving and connecting with other who also enjoy the game of kings!

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Audio and Song Credits

Song Credits:
Track: ASHUTOSH – Time

♪ Chocolate (Prod. by Lukrembo)
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Music Attribution:

1. All I Am – By Dyalla
2. Blue Dream – By Cheel
3. Board Games for One – By Single Friend
4. Caballero – By Ofshane
5. Cru – By Yung Logos
6. Intellect – By Yung Logos
7. Joining An Activity Group – By Single Friend
8. Knowpe – By Noir et Blanc Vie
9. MydNyte – By Noir Et Blanca Vie
10. Never Surrender – By Anno Domini Beats


  1. 2000 de ELO ?? en vez de Tf6 me parece era Th2 amenazando y clavando el peon de c2. Corregime si estoy equivocado, no podria ser que siendo 1100 me diera cuenta.

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