Boris Savchenko vs Boris Gelfand, World Blitz Chess Championship, Moscow, 18 Nov 2010

Savchenko vs Gelfand


  1. @poochpoints Bg4 attack to Queen, in other direction he would lose that piece too… and if Bf3 – Bh3…

  2. Savchenko moves the pieces like a gentle lady.

  3. I'm no chess player, but why did he resign? Is it because of time?

  4. Once again forgive my ignorance. But what happens after rook takes queen?

  5. Well, not mate in 2. I thought I removed this comment. However, black is simply up a piece and white has no compensation, hence the resign.

  6. The start dude! THE START!. Chess is known as a slow game, but wow i've never seen such a fast played chess!!!

  7. nice game! credit for savchenko who toke the risk but even more credit to gelfand who defended well and won a fantastic game!

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