Blitz Round 18: Carlsen vs. Duda | D5 #SuperbetRapidBlitzPoland

Magnus Carlsen (23.5 points) plays Jan-Krzysztof Duda (22.5 points) in the 18th and final blitz round of regulation in the 2023 Superbet Rapid & Blitz Poland. With a win, Duda forces a playoff. With a score, Magnus clinches the event.



  1. sorry but i cant stand yasser seirawan commentary ..too many oohs and aaas..sounds like a bedroom talk..besides the fact that he always try to control the conversation..grow up

  2. Duda's willing to win is magnificent, as always

  3. Showing why he is the goat, that was massively impressive, 99,9% of super gm would have lost this endgame with such little time.

  4. Why didn't Magnus try to exchange the rook for the two pawns in the endgame to force a quicker draw? Rd8 f.e. on move 98?

  5. This was a fun Tournament. Magnus looks like he's really having fun, he's the happiest World Champ who's not the World Champ possibly in History.

  6. Wow! Instant epic endgame. One that will be remembered.

  7. "It was over before it got started!" oh hell no, Duda is a fighter and it shows! Congrats to both players.

  8. Huge shout out for Duda for a great fight and forcing Magnus to show his best!!! 🇵🇱

  9. Great way to end the tournament, both really fighting hard for a nail-biting finale

  10. After Nf3 I was like "okay, that's it". But then Duda still managed to deliver some excitement. That endgame was tense af.

  11. it's interesting that it was Magnus whose hand was shaking more in the endgame

  12. That old man who commentate the game should blunder most of his games when he's younger 😂😂😂😂

  13. I don't even play Chess nor understand it well but seeing Duda enter Magnus's territory of weird opening is exciting.

  14. you have to be careful playing against chessgod

  15. Is there a reason El Senior Yasser is the only person in the universe to call all its “Mikhail’s” “Michael”?

  16. What's amazing about this game is that Duda started playing very unorthodox, therefore making the game a bit harder for Magnus to control, and then midway through Duda managed to take control of the game somehow! But in the end, the 🐐 Magnus still won in the most absurd way

  17. Amazing the fast and on the spot every time they play for 6 minutes with 10 secons on the clock to lose the game and the tournament!

  18. Carlsen para rato tiene para ser campeón mundial por más años. Es casi il alpha Zero humano 😁😁. Partidas empatadas y logra victorias 😱👍👍

  19. Lmao is magnus in shorts?!?! When you’re #1 for that long in anything you can begin to challenge traditions

  20. Imagine if someone played 'I'm a barbie girl' in between the game

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