Blitz – Day 1 | FIDE World Rapid & Blitz 2023

Commentators: GM Viswanathan Anand & WGM Anastasiya Karlovich

The FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships 2023 is taking place in the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from December 26th to 30th. More than 300 of the world’s best chess players will compete for four titles over five intense days, with a prize fund of $1,000,000.

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  1. The inane comments in the chat is the most offensive problem with this broadcast, and it is an embarrassment to rational people everywhere; the impatience of the spectator and the entitlement felt by some spectators, especially those who just hitchhike on the coattails of their imagined skill, and think they can understand the motivations and challenges of these players.

  2. Does their audio technical team working today? Obviously no one is monitoring during new year Eve Eve….😮

  3. How can Fide produce so poorly. Their advertisers are going to get there money back for those ads at the beginning. The chess worlds greatest weakness is the production value of their game broadcasts. Occasionally it is good. More often it not compelling. Magnus recently played a match where he burned the first 20 seconds of clock time screwing around, drinking water, straightning his pieces. It was remarkable gamesmanship, getting into his opponents head "time means nothing to me!" That sequence should be replayed as advertising with post-game commentary, blasted out on social media, tic-tocked, etc. If you want to grow the game, you are going to have to spend money on professional marketing. This work is not going to get done by chess experts. They are essential for the play by play, but the back office production needs to stop playing the game like an 800-rated player.

  4. For anyone that has not yet worked it out, Daniil and Ian were laughing so much in Round 11 because they had fixed their game to be a draw. Since this is against FIDE rules, there should be some sanction for this. It seems more relevant to the competition than wearing fashion sneakers.

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