Blitz Chess Tournament #20 (3|0)

This is a 57-minute tournament I competed in on lichess, namely an Hourly SuperBlitz Arena. I joined this one just a few minutes late. This tournament was played while broadcasting at . Time controls are set at 3 minutes per player.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀



  1. Back to back windmill gets an instant like from me

  2. never did this. oops back to back windmill actsheon

  3. If you showed me that first game and asked me who was playing as white I’d say nakamura

  4. hahaha very nice couple of windmills in the first game ..

  5. Love your blitz streaming Jerry. 1st game windmill action was really fun to watch.

  6. Looking sharp, Jerry. I like the new format, by the way. Zoomed out view makes it clearer. Always a pleasure to watch you play.

  7. 26:12 why didn't you check by taking the pawn with your rook thus forking his king and queen?

  8. I Remember Kaparot and AntonAnton and all the others from chesscube!

  9. So many windmills in that first game it was like the Netherlands

  10. Just to let you know Jerry that we need more 15:2 games! 🙂
    A weekly 15:2 would be great.

  11. Zac1.. already taken. dang! Zac2.. already taken. dang! …

  12. You are so entertaining and informative . Thanks!

  13. Jerry, any chance you are going to cover those remaining games of AlphaZero vs Stockfish? I think there are 4 more games that you haven't covered, right?

  14. I have a challenge for you, chessnetwork, to complete a lichess tournament with only 2s. Win win draw win win draw throughout the whole thing.

  15. That windmill supplied a year of oat harvest

  16. At 41:47, couldn't Jerry have played Bxc6 followed up with Nxd7 with a fork on black's two rooks?

  17. Back to back the two-time windmill champion!RAULLLLLLLLLLL!

  18. hi jerry you should comment the candidate's !

  19. "The Cap is throwing the benoni at me " i love you Jerry

  20. I love that Jerry remembers his regular subscriber's and donor's names. You're a a good man, Jerry

  21. 15:35 vs Zack910030 you missed 17…Bb4, skewering the queen and rook. I think the best reply is to move the queen and lose an exchange, as the only other option is 18. Nc3 losing a tempo and met with …Ne4 which piles on the pinned knight and wins it? Maybe the best outcome for white in this variation is after 19. Rec1 moving the rook out of the line of fire and defending the knight, but then …Bxe2 can't be recaptured anyway without removing the queen from the knight's defence and putting it in danger again.

  22. First of all, loved the double windmill action. Very cool to see in a chess game. Secondly, didn't you have a skewer on the Queen and Rook with 17. Bb4 @ 15:36 in the video? I think that would have been nice.

  23. What are actually the chances of creating bishop/knight windmill on the queen and then directly after creating a queen/knight windmill on the king thats freaking crazy.

  24. 5:36 twin turbine turbo charged windmill upgrade

  25. 4:455:45 Fantastic! "Windmill?"…."Back to back windmill??"….."This is torture". LOL! Very nice, Jerry 🙂

  26. Some moron at the end called Jerry a weak NM. Apparently he's never seen him play a titled arena tournament and get in the top 15, beating out many IMs and GMs.

  27. OMG that windmill was so freaking hilarious, how creative, I was dying.

  28. I know everyone bags on Jerry's time skills but hes strong under time pressure!

  29. Godness that zack guy, what a beast for 1445, i just checked, hes 1800now

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