Blitz Chess Tournament #11 (3|0)

This is a 3+ hour Monthly Superblitz Arena tournament I competed in on lichess. This tournament was played while broadcasting at . Time controls are set at 3 minutes per player.

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 🙂

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  1. Anyone else wondering, why it is always that everyone is blundering against you when you are 2500 rated, but everyone is playing without any mistakes when you are averagely rated?

  2. The 1700 rated blitz players that Jerry is playing towards the start. They are at a 1200 playing level from my observations. Lichess must be over rated.

  3. taking seriously man, without double meaning, irony nothing like that at all. my rating is around 1650 – 1750 5min usually play in work place, much question noises etc. for classic 15 i rate 1750 – 1850 both lichess ratings. i've been struggling to improve. and from books, games, vids you are the most resourceful opition. why? because the way you speak is for normal people, not hyper developed chess genius brains. you go straight to the point, with few words, and calmly transmitting confidence. even when u make silence, teaches correct time to think. and we think with you. the questions you ask yourself stick in my brain. for example u used 3 expressions i can remenber. 1. sneak over, 2. spare a square, 3. looking for better cash back, fork and a half. we are not machines so ideias are the way to improve. that's where u get in, helping a lot, me at least to be less incompetent. you share greats ideas in seconds, instead of reading huges books to get few ideas from it. saves a lot of time. u get what i mean? tnx the the good work

  4. So many mistakes and blunders! It's horrible, just horrible!

  5. 30:4531:30 stream snipe? 😛

    After you say “this knight is out of the ballgame” he moves the knight towards the king twice instead of making some sensible move.

  6. Went to sleep, woke up to being sick and listening to chess where am I? How did Khalid lead me here

  7. At 20:42 white had Rxe4, instead of Nxe4. If black takes the rook with dxe4, then white has Qxf7+, which is a bit dangerous. Or even Nxf7, attacking the queen and threatening a discovery.

  8. I know that talking during games can cost you a few points here and there, but also helped me (and i suppose many more) understand chess in a much deeper level, so, thanks a lot.

  9. "There might be mates now". Misses mate on next move.

  10. Why did u miss the mate! Welp we all make mistakes. But aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh

  11. love ppl like you who use 6 people to tell them what to do

  12. "It was hot here the other week – 75-ish." That's winter for us in FL xD

  13. Jerry used this position 2:30:24 as an example in his Beginner to Chessmaster series – Good Bishop and Bad Bishop

  14. I have been watching your videos on 1.5x speed since i can still understand your voice. Right now i feel weird when i am on normal speed 🙂

  15. 2:54:51 How does the pawn take on the empty b3 square after white's c pawn moves to b4?

  16. Pls.. I read lot of coments in here trying to criticise Jerry that he missed this or that move at mate on B8+ etc.
    As a player on diferent competition, the results gained from Jerry, were generally from medium to bad level.
    So, he is not a champion player but a good teacher. He simply introduces us to new concept or ideas in order to aproach better the game.

  17. At 6:22 if he took the bishop with his knight and played g4 after he would be up 2 points

  18. you play really well and explain thought process. I can't believe you are self taught, well done man.

  19. I love listening to Jerry. He expresses all a chess player's emotions, no matter the level.

  20. tendría q interrumpir en vivo tuerto ojo de cereal 11pm 12pm me aspiraran hace 13 año apro uso casco futamericano soldar cegarmirándonos salvar im recue angamuca

  21. no lo hemos llevado a cabo por ello disrruptivo sensibilizó jjosc

  22. Your tactics are insane bro, I tried it and won many games

  23. how can you think so fast? This is just crazy. Now I am wondering about Magnus Carlson's speed.

  24. Jerry’s stats

    Awareness: 92
    Strategy: 92
    Tactics: 92
    Time management:2
    Time burners:99

  25. How could a chess game called Blitz,and is 3 hours??????

  26. How do you get 3 and 5 points instead of 2 and 4?

  27. Why are there so many dislikes compared to the other blitz tournaments? Who is butthurt by this video

  28. at 1:39:05 instead of the queen exchange, couldn't white have just won a free rook with Qd6>b8?

  29. 2:32:19, no, you wouldn't have got matted since you have the bishop to block, but it would be a bad ending.

  30. new viewer. really like this guy. has a calming voice

  31. really love these videos
    i like the way you verbalise your thought process, really helps me to understand what's going on in your high level brain

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