Blitz Chess Tournament #1 (3|2)

This is a 50-minute tournament I created on lichess titled “Hulak tournament”. This tournament was played on lichess while broadcasting at . Time controls are set at 3 minutes with a 2 second increment.



  1. This channel, as well as Eric Rosen, both deserve way more views, likes, and subscribers because their videos are really instructive and entertaining

  2. Nice video Jerry, will write an opinion when i finish watching the video 😀

  3. Come on Jerry, I still have 1 hour of the Simul to watch, this is too much!
    😀 😀

  4. It's great when you do these tournaments, very instructive and entertaining. If you rememeber I asked you for openings for a tournament? well I looked into the sicilian defense… And in the tournament I placed first so thankyou for all the videos!

  5. This is why I don't like tournaments with increment: the range of how long games can take is just too big.

  6. 20:44 11…Be6 totally gets rid of all those problems. he has like no counterplay. and also in that same game if he exchanged his knight for the two paws and you decided to go and get each other's queens, he doesn't have to do Bxc7, he could attack ur rook with Bf6. Ik it's blitz, but just some advice :3

  7. I'm a nimzo indian player and I definitely learned something from your game! Thanks Jerry!

  8. Spinaltap=79 Bartell, Thomas (12559979) 79th in the US

  9. On another note…6 games in=please don't do increment tournies again…way way too boring.

  10. i think this increment tournaments are better than the bullet ones because u at least learn some instructional things like that second game, in bullet i see time wins mostly which is just entertaining to watch but not more than that

  11. That guy at 16:00 plays the same "Drop a piece then resign gambit" that I play

  12. I get the impression that increment tourneys work against the video content producer. Anyway, good stuff nevertheless.

  13. 9:16 …Bd2 , Nc5 was mate in 1. You still got the win 2 moves later, just wanted to point that out.

  14. for some reason the data on my phone (even when slowed) can play your videos at 720p no issue but i can't watch anything else even at 144p…. did you cut a deal with my phones service provider?

  15. Jerry you have absolutely the best voice for a Chess youtube channel…you're like the Morgan Freeman of youtube chess!!!!!

  16. jerry, i know u dont want or need to b built up , but man, you play a sound game. usually seeing there best move immediately and its best counter.

  17. can someone explain what berzerk mode is, and why chessnetwork never gets it?

  18. Клёво играют)))

  19. When I'm watching your videos, I can furthersee most moves and ideas you're saying, but when I play, I may have a bad strike on Lichess and it's really frustraiting. (Lichess: alexland7219)

  20. this videos make me know how to think properly

  21. your voice is literally perfect for chess videos

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