Blitz Chess: Taking on GM Shtembuliak

I’ll be playing GM Peter Svidler on Sunday, November 17 at noon central time!
Watch my commentary here:
Watch Svidler’s commentary here:

In this video, I play GM Evgeny Shtembuliak in a blitz game on Additionally, I answer some questions from the Twitch chat and discuss how I’m preparing for my upcoming Banter Blitz match against Peter Svidler.

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  1. U beated current world junior champion 2019

  2. Wat platform u play on..??which app or site?

  3. I literally watch your new videos and re-watch your old ones whenever I'm having a bad day or I'm feeling overwhelmed. Your love for chess I something I admire because I play every single day and if it's not one of the first things I do when I wake up, it's probably the last thing I do before I go to sleep. Keep mating! 🙂 <3

  4. Svidler is a very nice guy just like you. So I am sure you will have a lot of fun playing him and hopefully you will come through with flying colors
    Best of luck Eric

  5. Svidler is just gonna skin you alive lol no offence

  6. He flagged yet he would've lose anyway as he was down everything. You are impressive, those time scramble are simply insane! Great job Eric and all the best for your Svidler game!

  7. I just got into chess. It's absolutely incredible how fast you guys can play lol.

  8. Hey Eric what app do you use to activate your green screen?

  9. I bought a Brest cancer braclet with my card tell the ad to leave me alone

  10. Lion's mane, interesting and brilliant. Please comment more on the benefits. ✌

  11. Well done Eric. You should become GM.

  12. I remember Eric beating world champion Magnus Carlsen whatever the format is Dr. Drunkenstein does not like losing. But Eric won. Eric should be super GM with lesser mistakes. 💪👍

  13. Because of your videos im improving my chess game thank you for uploading chess videos ❤️

  14. My gameplay much better after i more often watch your video. Thanks

  15. Eric i am starting to like your vids more and more.

  16. I was surprised to hear you mention Lion’s Mane! Try the product Brain by Host Defense. It’s an incredible supplement for mental clarity and focus I personally love.

  17. I’m inspired by Eric. Obv I will never be close to as good as him but he seems like he put in the time and work and he isn’t the best in the world but he’s great

  18. You have a pleasant demeanor. My favorite player

  19. 0:40 So…what you're saying is that this is a Shtem game?

    What? The video just appeared in my recommendations, ok?

  20. It's funny. This game you played such reasonable moves of course not in the time scramble but the rest of the game! Love your content

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