Blitz Chess Analyzed: Kasparov Plays The King’s Gambit!

In Garry Kasparov’s first rated blitz chess game ever, he plays the King’s Gambit against Sergey Karjakin, dragging his opponent into a complicated position and serious time trouble!

How was this video made and what other “in depth” points might there be? Watch Behind the Squares (click below).


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  1. Who is leading in the competition? And how is gary ranking? I haven't been able to watch the games because they were not streamed on youtube. Any advice?

  2. @5.18 couldn't black take on e4? after bxd8 nc3+ ke1 nxd1 black is winning material?

  3. What other way for the King to etch his name deeper into the sands of (chess) time, than by playing the King's Gambit.

  4. Creepy uncle Bob… allways smiling and making his relatives uncomfortable. Who invited him?!! Was that really necessary?

  5. Um empate de xeque perpétuo, digno de grandes mestres

  6. Such a treat to see the emperor's return!
    Nice job, Danny. As usual.
    David Pruess must have hit the ceiling when he saw this game!

  7. Why'd he play a retarded version of the king's gambit? Just put the knight on f3…

  8. Anyone else want Daniel Rensch Vs. Mike Kummer (2018) Match of the century?

  9. these videos are so sick, i wish Daniel would do this more often (and live)

  10. Exceptionally good analysis by Danny there and the computer score really helped.

  11. why not show the timer somewhere on the screen?

  12. Screw you, Karjakin. You're rude and arrogant. (A traitor too)

  13. Thank you for this video. I have a recommendation for you to take or leave. It's always somewhat distracting when Danny shows alternative lines during the games, though at the same time it's interesting and informative. A solution: when Danny is playing out those alternative lines, change the color of the board slightly (either to lighter shading or different color squares). This will clearly signal when viewers are seeing the game at hand vs. Danny's analysis. Thanks again for the excellent work you do.

  14. AT 14:57, when you suggested the move …Qxd5, am I missing something blindingly obvious, or could white then play Ne7 double check and win the black queen?

  15. the commentator is so distracting with those advance moves.

  16. this gay ass commentator literally ruined EVERY, SINGLE one of carlsen/grischuk's games by innately showing his "own" variations of the games instead of simply allowing the game to progress in it's own GRANDMASTER FASHION and here i am surprised again;

  17. Can you turn off this engine? And put timer.

  18. Kasparov may not be as strong as the Young Kasparov, but his rating is still 28xx

  19. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  20. "mine has always been safety third, but thats a whole other story" lmao

  21. This would have been fantastic without all the repeating.

  22. please show the timer ! And Showing alternatives lines in a blitz is quite confusing ! Please only tell the move instead !

  23. Frajer w 11 ruchy miał 3 w plecy tel Karolina to cwok

  24. He who analyses blitz is stupid. ~ Rashid Nezhmetdinov

  25. I hate non-stop commentary on chess games. At least chose the intersting moments in the game to talk and let it breath. this is not a chess lecture. People come here to watch a game. we need to see the idea behind every move and think for ourselves. I Guess that's how u learn to play better chess by watching games. Commentators explain each and every move armed by an engine wont help at all.

  26. Queen back to d8 was such a super gm move, lmao.

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