Blitz Chess – A tribute to Mike Basman

IM Mike Basman sadly passed away recently. He was a true chess Maverick who wanted people to think for themselves.
In this stream, I try out some of his openings, with some fascinating games!

Tribute to Mike –

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  1. Like yourself I knew Michael from the Wey Valley scene in my junior days. He told me off for playing boring openings like E4-E5! I did beat the young girl she taught at the time in the end to take a Lloyds bank title or something back in the day. Anyway one day me and my mum went to his house to buy one of his computer chess sets back in the mid 90s he was still quirky back then and we was kind enough to give us the set, a touching tribute that you visited him in hospital. RIP Mr Grob 🙂

  2. At 48:01 Simon missed a nice empty square sacrifice with Nc5!? If Bxc5 Qxb7 winning a pawn and the exchange. If Qb5 Qxb7 Qxb7 Bxb7 Rb8 Bc6+ Kd8 Nxe6+ and white has won a pawn while black’s position is scattered

  3. 𝗦𝗘𝗫𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗧𝟲𝟵.𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗘 says:


  4. I would have loved an invite to the crypt event, as I am based in London. Don't know whether it is open to the public

  5. Robin Hood was from Loxly near Sheffield. He moved to Nottingham shirewood forrest to rob the rich!

  6. Much respect for remembering such an absolute legend. I'm looking through my copy of The Killer Grob and loving the enthusiasm behind the analysis as always. This book was one of the catalysts behind my greatest period of chess development. Not because I played the Grob, but because it taught me that a good position is so much more than objective evaluation. I agree that he was underrated and had the makings of a GM. He 'refuted' the English with 1…g5!! even aside from his normal Grob work after all. 😉

  7. Simon is just to cool for chess.. gives away pieces and looses and does not care a bit..

  8. Simon, for the record, the Japanese have consistently beat the Scotts in whiskey competitions in recent years. As a Japanese guy, I need to set the record straight 😅

  9. "It's better to be dirty than good"! Another great video and what a tribute!

  10. Absolutely hilarious final game. Well worth watching till the end of the video!

  11. We need "The Killer Grob". Kevin Gordi has paved the way for modern Grob, he drew with Magnus in blitz.

  12. Love the ‘romantic’ chess on this channel. Making loads of sacrifices while not having a clue if you’re ever getting something in return… very similar to my romantic life

  13. Love the streams – hope you can keep them coming.

  14. Hey, Simon! How is it going, mate? I've fallen in love with chess during the pandemic, and you have quickly become my favorite chess streamer. Love your sense of humor and the craziness you bring to the game. Greetings from Brazil!

  15. I saw a person today that looked exactly like you. He was at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium amongst the spurs fans watching them getting beaten by Liverpool. Was that by any chance you, mate?

  16. "Okay so he wants to take here and kill me so let's castle"

  17. I have just recently been given 12 boxes of chess books by a recently deseaced friend. He's left me Mike Basmans Aidio cassette books around 45 years old in prestine condition. Cassetes in platic bags never been used. It has pride of place on my shelf. He was a fantastic imaginitive player. It's no surprise over the years Simon has emulated Mike's style of play.

  18. I'm Scottish, and a whisky addict. I recommend Taiwanese and Japanese whisky too, Kavalan for example is sensational.

  19. I love watching your chess so much Simon <3

  20. IF you ever want to try a non scottish whiskey try "Jim Beam Single Barrel" – supposed to be one of the better Bourbons in the ~50 quid price range.

  21. At 11:05, white ND4xBE6. if black QXNE6, then white plays RG8+ skewering king and rook.

  22. As much as I like Rosen, John Barth etc Ginger Gm plays chess in a way that is most relatable. Really entertaining

  23. Hello SImon, i am a Casual Chess player but have Accumulated More than 500 Check Mates against the A.i on the Chess app Chess Pro from the google play Store, was Bobby Fischer right ? Is Normal Chess a Dead Game ???

  24. HAHA you drank too much whiskey in the early 90s too Simon ? cant go near it ? except a little bourbon, been there, 3.5 cups of my mums teachers in 94 , still cant even sniff it now.

  25. Respect to DarkAlekhine for resigning when he could have dirtyflagged you

  26. Thank you for doing this video Simon. You're the perfect man to pay respects to Mike Basman's memory.

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