Blitz Chess #4970 vs pro100still English Opening White

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  1. Your cheater games, while sickening, are truly entertaining….and I wish you would post them all to YouTube!

  2. Cheaters are inadequate human beings who have nothing in their lives

  3. I looked at the game in question and I have to say, I don't see any evidence of foul play. It looks more like overconfidence on CE's part – he had a good position for most of the game and then seemingly underestimated Black's attack. Black played one nice positional move (…c5) and one tactical shot (…Ng4+), but both seem perfectly findable for a >2200 player. Move times don't look suspicious either. I haven't looked at other games by the opponent, but going from this one, I'm afraid to say I think CE was wrong.

  4. I think anyone who's played online chess has had the experience of playing against someone who plays terribly, maybe even blunders and then plays defensive moves straight out of Stockfish to win the game… In fact it happens disturbingly often.

  5. When are we going to get new content. Preferably rapid.

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