Blitz Chess #2035 with Live Comments English vs GM CapilanoBridge Hikaru Nakamura with White

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  1. wtf does it even mean "having the arrogance of making moves after the game" is he actually retarded?

  2. I actually think Hikaru streaming is helping him relise that his emotional outbursts cannot be as public as in the past. It is probably not reforming him as a human being but he has gotten a bit more decent. And eventually found his audience on the internet mainly thanks to his chess skill.

  3. Nakamura is a fuckin asshole. WD Chessexplained, I've subbed to your channel.

  4. Woooo, congrats! That's a nice scalp for the collection 🙂 Well done!

  5. 5 min video against nakamura…thought for sure you were gonna get pwnt :O

  6. Huh, I have to say I'm surprised by his pissy attitude afterwards.

  7. Haha after Nakamura complained you shoulda told him you were doing commentary for a video and that his antics were gonna be on youtube =)

  8. Whoo! It's a shame he was so ill-mannered and making so many negative assumptions about you. Just the opposite of, say, Anand's ever-excellent demeanor.

    Well punished, a thrill to watch!

  9. At first, when i saw that the video lasted only 5 minutes, i thought you blundered right away, and i was waiting for your mistake! 😀 Great job Cristof, Nakamura got punished by his fast play, and by the way, the arrogant one was him not you 😉

  10. CE's reaction to the end of the game was hilarious. Great vid.

    A shame that Nakamura reacted that way afterwards, though only because Mr Sielecki is so noble and mature regarding chess. For me, eliciting a hostile response from a player is the cherry on the cake of victory.

  11. I thought Nakamura had matured over the last couple years. Seems he's still the same arrogant jerk he use to be, glad someone like him will never become World Champion.

  12. Nice win! Naka's attitude was not particularly nice though.

  13. Good on you CE.  Just tell him to enjoy the salt.  He did have a good game against Aronian today.

  14. i like Nakamura for " exploding" after the  game,it makes him human.. I mean,didnt we all experience to just pound on the keyboard,  screaming at  the screen,  calling the opponent all sort of names , after being beaten..? ( not always , but   a few times).
     And thats one nice aspect of these blitzgame uploads, you get to participate with some " raw" passionate outburst, as opposed to the always reserved behavior  after an official tournament match. I  am  Nakamura Fan 🙂

    Thank you CE  for  doing this channel.. its lucky for the chessworld to have you around.

  15. Awesome Win. Made even better by the childish response of Nakamura. Everyone loses sometimes, especially in Blitz. No need to get so defensive. I am glad you won. 

  16. 😀 good job man!  

    great vid

    beat him in 45 seconds and his immaturity 🙂

  17. Amazing win against a super-GM Chris! He is the #2 Blitz player in the world right now (which many people forget) with a blitz score of 2900+! Your viewers are lucky people 🙂

  18. Possibly the greatest vid of yours I have ever seen CE!!!!! The high class celebrity, the under-dog destroying like a boss, plus the trash banta was absolutely epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Great scalp!! One point about his rant, if you write the command after the game "examine -1" and then you can look at the last game without your opponent having to see you move pieces on the board. Then it's just your own analysis board so nobody can misinterpret moving the pieces as arrogance.

  20. Wow, congrats. Too bad he was such a bad sport about it. Not exactly the style and gentlemanlike behaviour one would expect from a world class GM. 

  21. 4:04 I would've said: "I'm not taking this as a World Championship match because you never been on there". Just to piss him off even more. =P

  22. Man! Where is your GM title, Chris?! For real! That was amazing!! 🙂

  23. This was really funny 🙂 great blitz game, and very good hint by @Zibbit i think

  24. А хихи,уважаемый не всегда к месту…

  25. Well played and childish behaviour from Hikaru.

  26. Naka's poor ego! He will probably just go back to bed for a week and sob gently into his pillow.

  27. Llongyfarchiadau! Congratulations. Disappointing response from Nakumara after the game.

  28. Only the great Nakamura is allowed to analyse after a game. What a smashing chap. Great work Christof.

  29. At least he resigned quickly, I've seen him let the clock run down for 3-4 minutes rather than resign. Nice scalp!!

  30. Go Chris! Your attitude was the key from the very beginning saying "I always look forward to games like this". Great triumph!

  31. I GOT IT! °_° ^_________________________^

  32. Wow, as I saw it was Naka and I recognized, that the vid was only 5 minutes Long, I expected him to kill U in record-time.
    But the result is obviously much better than expected 😀

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