Blitz Chess #2035 with Live Comments English vs GM CapilanoBridge Hikaru Nakamura with White

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  1. Underestimating the opponent strikes back. Well played Christof!

  2. Well played. Very childish and disappointing behaviour from Naka.

  3. Nice Q and P combo to trap the bishop, your vision is really good, I'd never think of that at all.

  4. I still come back to this video 5 years later to hear your excitement when he resigns.

  5. here after watching hikaru's holier than thou bullshit clip on xqc

  6. Ive startedwatching anak recently and he doesnt seem anything like this at all

  7. Wow! losing 97 out of 100 games and still going at it, respect the grind

  8. Wow I watched this video due to seeing something say that Hikaru used to act like a bitch, now I see why people used to hate him. It’s good that he’s gotten better and overall people view him as a good person. It’s not how you start, but how you end

  9. And Hikaru had the audacity to criticize Ben Finegold after this piss ass response???

  10. What chess platform is this being played on?

  11. I love how all the old comments are crapping on Nakamura and the new comments are all defending him as if he wasn't a big rager back in the day. It's weird to see how a person changes just through the way people talk about them.

  12. nice phrases by hikaru, the ambassador of "anti-elitism" in chess

  13. To be one of the best players you need to have a good personality on top of being a good player, in every sport and in general for life. Hikaru doesnt have that characteristic, so he wont be such

  14. People 6 years ago liked this video on one account and disliked it 6 years later on another.

  15. Man, Hikaru comes off quite the douche here. Have a like, Chessexplained, for being a cool guy


  17. Hikaru copyright strikes Eric's channel and he says he's never been toxic. Edit: This is for his new fans: he's fake. He hasn't changed at all but he needs the $$.

  18. He's such a manchild, truly a disappointment when you see your idol isn't all that.

  19. 2 mean messages because of tilt from a video 7 years ago …..and people were crying about this on stream yesterday the entire time …..bruh what? people really want the smallest reason to hate hikaru…..XD

  20. who's here after the eric and hikaru drama?

  21. Download this video before they strike it down

  22. Wow. What a little beeyotch. All of these things just add up, fully understanding this is one of the tamer things I have seen from him. Will not be renewing twitch sub.

  23. Yo he literally won like 5 games out of like 100 and hikaru is giving him shit about it. Like, that's some insecurity right there.

  24. Finally people understand what kind of person Hikaru is. It pissed me off so much when people hate Ben Finegold, without knowing the past actions of Hikaru

  25. Absolutely pathetic character. Nothing unusual though he is the cockiest guy in chess

  26. A lot of Hikaru's personality is easily explicable if you've ever seen how tiny he and ugly he is. Poor guy.

  27. Should have told him nicely that no way you would treat it as a world champion game because he's not the world champion, Magnus is.

  28. Where is the chat? I don't see it anywhere

  29. i dont see the chat between chessexplained and hikaru?????

  30. Nakamura revealed himself to be kind of a dick

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