Berserk (2192) vs WFM Fatality (1988). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

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  1. Fatality, estuvo Fatal…!!! 😂😂😂

  2. When you say don't take it well…😬😬

  3. What a Game !!
    Total Dominance by the Berserk.

  4. Great game of both. Very interesting to watch 👌

  5. Выбранная линия Fatality, 2…d5?! Против Morra Gambit даже не упоминается в книге Mayhem in the Morra. И это меня удивило. Это означает, что она изучает эти линии за пределами экрана, но это первый раз, когда мы видим ее.

  6. Not her best game. A lot of the variations played were forced lines, but if she would have focused on trading this could have been an easy draw. Berserk's playstyle is within the nickname itself and the problem with playing so materialistic is they always create weaknesses within their own structure. Around 2000 elo players tend to rely on the ability to calculate in depth over their opponent rather than focusing on the long positional advantages.

  7. Nice game by Berserk. I haven´t thought of d5 against the Morra gambit that Fatality played.

  8. Why Fatality did not fix back the pieces once the game got over?
    It is as important as the game for a good Chess player.

  9. This is shaping up as one of the great CFN rivalries. Berserk holds the current advantage… but Fatality is not standing down! Not withstanding the overactive imaginations commenting…😂

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