Battle of the World Champions | Vladimir Kramnik vs Hou Yifan | Satty Zhuldyz Blitz 2023

It is not every day that you get to see two World Champions face each other over the board. The four-time world champion among women GM Hou Yifan (2601) was up against the 14th FIDE world chess champion GM Vladimir Kramnik (2712) in the first round of the Satty Zhuldyz Chess Festival Blitz 2023. Watch the video as two of the greatest chess players face each other over the board.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Marzylem o rywalizacji z przyjaciolmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Po co ta kicha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  2. Pamietam,ze 65 rok.Pamietam swoje bledy czasami,ale mozna mi je smialo przypominac!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tak,wiemy,zabledy sie placi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Czasami mistrzowi troche za mocno zabije serce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.Marek robi to co chce i na co ma ochote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Zeby bylo jasne i wygodne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tajemnica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Ale jak przeciwnik nie przestrzega kodeksu to chyba dyplom i kasa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  3. Kiedyś szukałem tych najlepszych książek,ale nie dałem rady.Bylem zbyt chory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  4. Żeby nie było wątpliwości!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jakoś tak przy hobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tematy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  5. Ciekaw jestem ile jest miłości i Dzieci na turniejach szachowych??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Histori An i Zbyszkow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.Ja mam swoje idee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Marek.

  6. I like Hou Yifan. She seems to have a kind personality.

  7. such a masterclass from the former world champion!

  8. Hou yifan has no game at all !!! Superb chess from Kramnik

  9. If a beginner would play Kramnik's opening moves, the coach would rip their head off.

  10. What horrible minor pieces Hou Yifan had.

  11. I love how Kramnik affectionately explains to her the moves she missed during calculation. This is the sign of a great teacher and a true world champion.

  12. Hou is a legend herself but man, she's been playing a lot of historical legends lately. She must be ecstatic.

  13. she is not a "WORLD" champion that implies that you're including "men".. ( are you getting paid by feminists to make these titles? because it's really strange ) chessbase india has been acting strange lately..

  14. She got surprised from the opening
    And she struggled to find equalizing moves!

  15. WOW. Kramnik is so methodical, so brutal in his approach, so unapologetic with his play… True Russian bear chess! I would hate playing against his brute force style.

  16. Very nice to see Big Vlad and Yifan playing against each other. Especially missed seeing Yifan in tournaments. Hopefully she will keep playing and gradually get back to her very best again. She has the ability to again dominate women's chess as before, but she will have to work a bit of the rust away.

  17. Как катком прошелся, но кто нибудь другой дал бы отпор )

  18. Wow ! At that level, forget castling…..just play for domination !

  19. Big V and Anand do have champion personality. Ho Yifan still holds highest ELO rating in women section.Judith played only one time with H.Yifan. She chose not to put her whole life in Chess. She is among the youngest professor with Phd,teaching at a famous Chinese University. good to see them.

  20. Kramnik is a "lady-killer" of sorts; he was +14 -0 =11 against Judit Polgár in their classical games. It was nice to see a pleasant game between these two great, retired players. I notice that the evaluation bar seemed to lag a bit after the moves were made. I wonder if that's because it took the engine some computation time to recognize the strength of some of Kramnik's moves.

  21. Why is the board always shown from black at bottom? Should show default with white bottom.

  22. kramnik's opening moves are difficult to understand

  23. In a winning position, Kramnik dropped his queen in a there-to-be knight outrageous double-check, but… Hou, exausted after defending so hardly through the entire game, didn't see it. Does justice always prevail in a blitz game?

  24. White first killed both black bishops and the rest was squeezing life slowly out of black. White mamba.

  25. If Kramnik went a transgender change she could be a world champion again 😀

  26. Легко оставаться джентельменом, когда выигрываешь. Посмотрите на Крамник, когда он проиграл Синдарову

  27. Old style chess at its best. This is a pure masterclass

  28. if Hou Yifan hooked up with basketball player Steevie Ho You Fat, the internet would explode.

  29. Money in chess is now tied to looks and popularity, not winning. Game has been ruined by women who are taking merit out of the financial equation and putting socializing above winning.

  30. silly mistakes does not look nice from a lady champion

  31. Kramnik played cutting edge chess, Hou played chess from the last decade. I liked the moves h4, h5 and Bxb4 by Vlad.

  32. Хреново дебют разыграла

  33. World champions are different class . Imagine the amount of preparations and learning they have gone through to get that title .

  34. I love to see that Yifan Hou is smiling even after losing the game.

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