Banter Blitz Chess with Jan Gustafsson (120)

GM Jan Gustafsson plays blitz chess against Premium users while talking about his moves (among other things). Watch the show live on chess24:

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Jan’s video series on chess24:

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  1. Please resign your FIDE membership in support of Anna Muzychuk. Any organization that showcases a sexist tyrannical government doesn't deserve your support.

  2. That first game was surely an engine user, Indians at their very best thing 'Cheapness' 😀

  3. 14:13 "What's going on now!? Starting to play a little worse. Why sir?" xD

  4. fun watching you Jan, thanks for the video

  5. Did you know that Jan is the only GM in Janistan?

    Other players have come close, but at the last minute they all "volunteer" to work in the gulags instead.

  6. CanadaNextGM's name will also be wrong the moment he actually becomes a GM.

  7. "The show where we play interesting chess games" is absolutely spot on. Don't lose it.

  8. Yet another educational and enjoyable presentation. Thanks.

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