Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz 2022 | Commentary by Sagar Shah

Duels between Anish Giri and Magnus Carlsen are always great fun for the viewers. The duo found themselves sitting opposite each other in the 7th round of World Blitz 2022. Anish Giri, who had the white pieces, opened the game with 1.e4. Magnus responded back with the French. It was a game filled with so many strategic ideas! IM Sagar Shah explains it to you via his commentary!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. This is the best chess content out there. Fantastic commentary and I loved the interview at the end as well.

  2. One of only extravert grandmasters, cherish him!

  3. It's great how much Sagar's passion for chess comes through his commentary.

  4. It's better late than never"
    – Magnus Carlsen

  5. lucky magnus..anish should push the c4..activate the white bishop..

  6. Absolutely. You’re the best chess commentator in the world. Only upload content with your’s what we all prefer

  7. The commentator can defeat both of them 😂😂😂😂

  8. outstanding, Anish, Magnus and commentary!! 👍

  9. How can someone enjoy these board games without the most integral ingredient "SagarShah"

  10. Absolutely brilliant commentary.. sagar is in the mind of these players and explains it to us with enthusiasm.

  11. If I see Sagar Shah on the thumbnail, only then I tap on the video, otherwise it is very difficult for me to understand what's going on 😂

  12. magnus makes an inaccuracy…
    people: bluuuuuundeeerrrr

  13. Aren't you just using AI? If you knew the answers you would be playing live

  14. Excellent commentary from a French Winawer player.

  15. No one calls a blitz game like Sagar. Simply the best. It's not just the excitement and enthusiasm, it's the the tiny details both on the board and in the players' demeanor.

  16. very excellent commentary and classic displays by the super GMs

  17. I thought this was Amish Girl vs. Magnus. I’d like to see that.

  18. The way Magnus hesitated to point it out and instead waited for the clock to go to 0 lol

  19. What electric commentary, dude has passion and knowledge,

  20. Initiativa Partidul Pensionari vulnerabili Romania says:

    Bravo, Magnus Carlsen. 09.07.2023. From ROMANIA.

  21. omg in the end game en passant was still there for anish exf6 crazy

  22. This game amazed me. 8:48 At this point this kind of feels like an alternative version of a checkmate, Anish couldn't effectively move a single piece

  23. this guy is the best hype man for magnus ever, he is better than flava flav for chuck D.

  24. Great commentary.

    And great interview after the game.

    This is how all chess game videos should be.

    Thanks for the great work!

  25. Both of them started classic and speedy way and then ended up making blunders😂

  26. They are playing chess in a tennis ground.

  27. Why this commentator didnt became to worlds top chess player he know everything

  28. Sagar's commentaries are terrific. I think this format works best, where you have one great person like Sagar rather than, say, a panel of different experts all saying little bits about the game.

  29. This commentary makes soccer and basketball sound boring!

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