Anish Giri vs Magnus Carlsen | World Blitz 2022 | Commentary by Sagar Shah

Duels between Anish Giri and Magnus Carlsen are always great fun for the viewers. The duo found themselves sitting opposite each other in the 7th round of World Blitz 2022. Anish Giri, who had the white pieces, opened the game with 1.e4. Magnus responded back with the French. It was a game filled with so many strategic ideas! IM Sagar Shah explains it to you via his commentary!

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. your commentary take games to another level.

  2. This guy is my favorite commentator. Keep it up!

  3. Sagar has earned exceptional rapport with Carlson, Anish, Hikaru and other top GM’s that causes them to open up in his interviews. I’ve watched a lot of his interviews, and I think its a unique blend of 1. Gleeful enthusiasm for the game, 2. high-level chess knowledge (can speak on their level), and 3. Empathy for ‘messing up/ choosing the wrong line. I think the last of these is extremely important because GM’s tend to be transparent about their blunders if they feel they are in a non-judgemental / empathic zone. A lot of other reporters ‘critique’ GM’s in interviews (with the benefit of their supercomputers) whereas Sagar seems to embrace the inherent insanity of trying to figure out perfection under time pressure.

  4. Sagar bhai op commentary as always 🤝✨🇮🇳

  5. The best chess commentary ever. Quick and accurate analysis with such excitement!

  6. Your commentary on these chess battles is better than any commentary by professional sports announcers.

  7. Soooo .. is this live commentary or edited in after the fact?
    The former would be hard to believe.
    Either it makes it very exciting!

  8. Glad to see Anish won new blitz against Carlson…😮😮

  9. Sagar has been the best chess commentator I have heard. He brings the energy of a title boxing match! I’ve never been so excited to watch chess!

  10. Sagar sir you have spoiled us with another glorious commentary! We are so proud of you and the team at ChessBase India!! 🏆👊🦾🚀

  11. I watch chess match only when sagarsir gives his commentry on the match.😀😀

  12. We want maximum of the videos with commentry only

  13. That one move changed the game dramatically. Crazy commentary as well!

  14. You should become a soccer announcer

  15. Giri c4 winning moves but he chose not to do. Instead his bishop trapped

  16. Very excellent commentary. I love the commentary and high-level thinking with the audience! Subscribed

  17. Bad commentary. Good commentary should be made without analysing the game prior.

  18. Magnus really needs to dial down his ego. What a shame.

  19. What an exciting commentary! The future of chess is in the blitz and rapid games, like Bronstejn said 70 years ago (!) …

  20. They always make the same hand gestures when discussing the game

  21. Absolutely love that there is commentary. It makes this so much more exciting. What an amazing job he did as well.

  22. Great video. The high energy commentary was enjoyable.

  23. Whoever said they were bros definitely not so from Magnus point of view. He can’t wait to leave the table.

  24. Just brilliant commentary…how to add thrill to chess..hats off to you sir🙂💪

  25. Amazing how good and accurate the commentator was… he a GM?

  26. Brilliant commentator you make the energy lively.

  27. Anish Giri loves to talk over the post mortem after he's lost on time in a better position versus the champ.

  28. This channel has plenty of great content but this one is by far my favorite. Great commentary and postgame content.

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