Anand vs. Dreev – A Nail Biting Blitz Chess Shootout

Anand and Dreev play an extreme sudden death armageddon blitz game. Commentary by Daniel King and Maurice Ashley.


  1. Dreev kinda blocked Ananad's hand. This should have been Dreev's loss.

  2. a blitz game with no increment is not a legitimate game. it's nonsense chess.

  3. Why do we hear daniel king at the start and at the end ?

  4. This game makes present blitz with bonus a bozo. Battle of nerves. Everything was there and all of a sudden…gone!

  5. Man Anand is like the highlander of chess he looks the same now as he did 25 years ago.

  6. This is bullshit wth there no increment of time at the end ?? 🙁 anand was totally wining and everyone knows that 🙂

  7. harsh, if anand hadnt promoted he wouldnt have had to waste time grabbing a queen, should have just played an idiot move like hanging the queen and he would have won on time.

  8. my club never has increments for anything, then again aside from me the youngest guy there is in his 60s.

  9. Can anyone please explain why black has one minute disadvantage? Is it bcoz the rules mandate that or is it bcoz Dreev took more time to make his moves?

  10. Can't stand Maurice Ashley's commentating style.

  11. Does anybody notice that chessboard looks like 3 dimensional when camera angle is from the top? there is a difference of height from black to white squares, optical illusion.

  12. Cameraman, please, just stay on the top down view of the board

  13. To avoid getting ridiculed by checkmate, they got stranded in a world where quality of moves doesn't matter one bit.
    Dreev shown some panic and deserved to win.
    Anand had whole minute odds and deserved to lose.

  14. Wtf I didn't watch whole video to get this result

  15. Are there 10 thousand peices on the board

  16. Why back then all the chess player looked like some anime villan

  17. Flagger wins most of the time in Armageddon…vishy played chess whereas his opponent played with clock.

  18. he lost on time bcoz he had to find and place queen

  19. Could you tell in which year this match was played.

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