AMAZING WIN!! Fabiano Caruana vs Daniil Dubov || World Blitz Chess 2023 – R17

AMAZING WIN!! Fabiano Caruana vs Daniil Dubov || World Blitz Chess 2023 – Round 17
The FIDE World Rapid Championship is a 13-round Swiss tournament taking place from 26–28 December 2023 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. The top prize is $60,000 Players receive 15 minutes for the entire game, plus a 10-second increment starting from move one.
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  1. Wait, didn't Dubov miss mate in one? After Qh5 by Caruana, doesn't Dubov have Qg2++?

  2. Russians morderers shouldn’t be allowed two play chess

  3. What waz amazing. He beat himself !! 😂

  4. in this tournament Dubov played very good

  5. Two of my favorite players collide! I love it.

  6. Русские шахматы будут в итоге лучшими..

  7. the sacrifices queen is wrong, it should be rd8 and Qe8 QH4 to draw, it can't do anything mate

  8. Fabi played dubovs game and hence he lost. Dubov is like nepo but more solid but their style is dubious. Fabi should have not allowed complications unless he was sure he calculated them all to his advantage. If I was fabi’s manager I would hire a makeover specialist. He needs to bulk up and get rid of the nerdy look.

  9. 7:49 Why on earth would he do that ? Even I could see a better move

  10. dubav is on fire these days
    sigma and cold blood

  11. Dubov every time with Balenciaga dress 😅😅😅

  12. adamın hası fabiano.all together dont understand.varoşlarrr

  13. my favorote player dubov the killer men…mantaapp

  14. Dubov il est juste incroyable !!
    Top 5 mondial qui s'ignore

  15. Why Humpy only selected for Candidates tournament Why they ignored Dubove inspite of finished in blitz tournament

    But Dubove is all time best player except Magnus Carlson

    But why Dubove was not selected for Candidates tournament inspite of selected Humpy but Dubove also Silver Medal, but even Gold Medal but half point deducted

    Otherwise Dubove is equal to Magnus Carlson point but I don't know in what way

    But for me Dubove is real challengers against Ding Liren

  16. I just love watching a good old fashioned Italian Game. But of course…It's Fabi.

  17. That was a crazy game. Rd8 is the move. Hard to find in time trouble and threatened to be mated. 07:45

  18. Каруана прошел мимо мата в 6 ходов 😅

  19. Потужна боротьба однак

  20. At 4:20 dubov should have taken pawn on f2 with his knight and then pushed his pawn to e4

  21. One of the fun things about blitz is watching the best players in the world make mistakes.

  22. De los jugadores actuales a Dubov lo encuentro el más creativo.

  23. Dubov played very good throughout tournament. When Dubov prepared look out.

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