AMAZING SICILIAN!! Gary Kasparov vs Nigel Short || Blitz chess 2018

AMAZING SICILIAN!! Gary Kasparov vs Nigel Short || Super Blitz chess 2018
The World Chess Championship 1993 was one of the most controversial matches in chess history, with incumbent World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov, and official challenger Nigel Short, splitting from FIDE, the official world governing body of chess, and playing their title match under the auspices of the Professional


  1. Old school chess, lots of blunders. Both are legends. Gary still the greatest

  2. I love to watch the chess footage which shows expressions of the players in every position. Some funny moments, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great work on the 2D board, really kept up with tbe pace of the play….

  4. MR GERROV KASVAROV the GREATHITS CHESS !!! ,,,,,,,,,,,,MR Kholid bin walid 212 grandmaster GELAP buren !!!

  5. 7:24 sao trắng lại thí xe vậy anh? King c1 giữ Mã được mà?

  6. ad ơi cho em xin link nhạt khúc đầu sau phần intro

  7. Fantastic game by Kasparov, that piece sac gave absolutely overwhelming initiative but he still needed to work out the most accurate moves to finish the job and didn't fail to show his class.

    Seems like I'm the only person to comment who actually knows anything about chess…

  8. awful way to show chess just show players and THE game

  9. Each player should wear 2 cameras (or more depending on head size) on their head so we can see more angles. The beauty of wearing two or more cameras is if one malfunctions the play just continues uninterrupted using the other cameras. They should have microphones taped on the cameras. So it all doesn’t fall off they will have tape wrapped around their head and face but missing the eyes unless it’s blindfold play

  10. Mental combat !! Who succumbs to the psychological warfare ..

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