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  1. Cuando no te importa el tiempo en el reloj porque sabes que eres la mera mera riata.

  2. El final de la historia:

    1.Kh1; Ke4; dxf4; dxe4; Kxf2; Qxf2; Qxf2; g3; Rf4; g4; hxg4; Rxg4; Rh6; Rh4; Rh4. Mate. Ganan Negras. Cortersía Stockfish.

  3. Ivanchuk had such a good position. Carlsen improves his pieces and forces his opponents to reduce the effectiveness of their pieces like no one else. Epic!

  4. How does Black sustain the attack after 1. Kh1 Nh3; 2. Rff1 ? Qh4 doesn't work now because of gxh3 and now black can't force a win. And yes 2. … Nxg1 wins the exchange but… it's not over, is it? Or maybe 2. … Rf4 is winning?

  5. in 3:27 instead of Re1 Ivanchuk should play g4 instead followed by f4!

  6. how does he win? Some one can explain me this? I dont get it at all. I know how to play chess. The white one Got checked by the black queen but still he is still not really defeated yet, Cuz his king has more move to get away from being check so can anybody here explain this to me?

  7. اريد ان يشرح لي احدكم ماذا حصل ومن فاز وكيف؟ من فضلكم

  8. Kuda beracun…di makan mati ga di makan juga mati

  9. Harusnya kuda ke e2.Mengadu kuda sekaligus menjaga benteng dan petak g3 yg riskan dari ancaman mentri.
    Magnus berhasil memanfaatkan petak petak penting dengan maksimal.

    Great job magnus.

  10. White pieces…played to passive….not attacking just defending….2 BORING!!!!!

  11. I could tell he was going to lose, or at least he seemed like he had a steady momentum but I was not following directly too stupid lol all I know is he had back up plans lol

  12. That moment when you should've moved your pawn to g3.

  13. Kh1, Nxh3, cant take the knight because Qxg1 mate, if doesnt take the knight, ivanchuk loses the rook, and then the carlsen's other rook comes into play.

  14. i honestly have no idea what happened, its like 5am, what am i doing here?

  15. So easy to get out of this, I do t know why Chucky didn’t see it. What is Carlson threatening? Mate, only if Chucky takes the knight he is planing to sac. Chucky get his king out of check, Carlson takes h3, Chucky moves Ne2 threatening taking queen and guarding g1 at the same time. Where does Carlson move his queen? He cannot take the rook now because he will lose his queen and the game due to Carlson’ weak pawn structure. Chucky gave up too early. Chucky should have moved his knight to e2 or d1 instead of Kh2, that was a poor move

  16. Camera is Not in good position. Camera should have been from left or right and higher-up.

  17. I am new to chess. Can you tell my why Ivanchuk resigned after the Queen move at the end? I don't see it.

  18. Magnus kept adding pressure, then suddenly, pop.

  19. Ivanchuk was only defensive. Magnus just smothered him. Not a very exciting game.

  20. After the king moves then carlsen can fork the rooks and if the knight is taken then he can take the rook on the back rank checkmate

  21. Я один тут не понимаю почему черные победили?

  22. He resigned because the next black move is knight takes pawn h3 and then it destroys it

  23. One day Ivanchuk plays like bobby fisher and the next day like me.

  24. It reminds me of a saying, "He who contends must defeat. He who defends must merely survive". Vassily's effectiveness seemed diminished to merely moving pieces to eat the time.

  25. Why do we never see the end of these games? I mean there was still some moves to be made. I cant see how he wins with checkmate here?

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