All that Magnus Carlsen needs is 1 minute! | Carlsen vs Tomashevsky | World Blitz 2022

In round 4 of the World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen was up against the very experienced GM Evgeny Tomashevsky. The opening was the Anti-Berlin which Tomashevsky has faced on several occasions with the black pieces. However, the way in which Magnus played in this game was just exquisite. Firstly he hardly went down below 2 minutes on the clock and after building up a winning position, he took some of his time to convert the position into a win! What a brilliant display of positional understanding.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. First match I've ever seen in which magnus has arrived at a time 😂😂

  2. The one minute thing was a bit disingenuous, no?

  3. Can anyone tell me where i can buy the same chess pieces (no dgt)

  4. It's silly to spot the World Champion a bishop and a rook and the White pieces. Even Grandmasters lose when they ignore basic principles.

  5. He could’ve moved the queen to the back put him on check instead of sacrificing it he had 5 seconds left so he didn’t think

  6. Players should be allowed to use some kind of earphones. That coughing background sound is just fuckin annoying

  7. 6:23 why Magnus didnt took the black queen with his queen?

  8. I dont play chess but i would love to be a Grand master it sounds so cool

  9. I like how they leave on opposite sides of the table.

  10. Is there any money in this? Can these guys actually make a living from this?

  11. Earlier there was a small digital board on the screen for us to understand, can you please bring it back 🙏 @ChessbaseIndia

  12. Elo ya yabancıyım ama satranç ustası olucagimi soyliyeyim

  13. Yes, because one minute is all it takes, falling in love with him , Lua Dipa

  14. For anyone who doesn't understand why black resigned, it's because of the fact that even if black plays rg8 to defend g7, white still plays rxg7, and if rxg7, rd8 is mate (the rook can't block since it's pinned). If the rook is not captured, white has nasty discoveries resulting in a lost position, so black is completely toast here.

  15. Thats the worst GM so far..even a Amateur plays better chess then this Tomachevsky..🤣🤣

  16. Più guardo le partite dei giocatori "famosi" e più mi irrito. Dovrebbero essere persone intelligenti, ma dimostrano solamente maleducazione, assumono atteggiamenti strafottenti e arroganti e soprattutto non giocano così bene come in teoria ci si potrebbe aspettare dai loro punteggi incredibili. A cominciare dal blasonato Carlsen che con tutti i suoi guadagni stratosferici crede di potersi permettere di arrivare in ritardo (e comunque arriva sempre per secondo), gioca con la testa appoggiata sulla mano e ha l'aria perennemente annoiata. Un po' di miniera gli farebbe bene. Ma farebbe bene anche a molti altri che si credono degli dei in terra e, a giudicare dalle partite, proprio così bravi non sono. In più, sarò indietro con i tempi ma a me le partite giocate a tempo fanno venire solo l'angoscia, io sono rimasto alla partita dove si può pensare anche delle ore senza che l'orologio venga minimamente coinvolto, alla partita con l'amico di sempre con cui si può anche scambiare una battuta ogni tanto e con cui si può anche bere una birra mentre si gioca senza correre. Con il tempo scandito da quel maledetto orologio alla fine tutte le partite si risolvono con una rinuncia da parte di uno dei giocatori, non si arriva mai al fatidico scacco matto, cosa che dovrebbe essere il punto di arrivo del gioco. Le partite blitz secondo me sono agli antipodi della filosofia degli scacchi

  17. Amazing. His opponent made only logical moves and is nevertheless overplayed by magnus fast and without any chance.

  18. It only took 1 minute because Magnus is like Frieza, using only 1% of his true power

  19. Click bait. fake title. It's almost 2 minutes.

  20. It is not one minute look to the time on oklok it is three !!

  21. he really stretched the fabric of time on this video, it seems.

  22. actually more than minute because they also had 2 seconds increment per move, it helps a lot . But look at final position : how pathetic and useless are black bishop and rook Ra8 ! All white pieces though are active and involved in attack

    This is master class about how develop your pieces and how bad it quicky becomes if you dont do that.

  23. Элитный российский гроссмейстер – Томашевский. Пытается играть берлинский вариант испанской партии. Против него играют анти-берлин с d3. Делают 10 естественных ходов и… чёрные не знают как играть! Уже десятый ход 10…с5 – неточный. Двенадцатый ход 12…Крh8 – ошибка. Ни плана игры, ни стратегических замыслов… Просто даже не вышел из дебюта.
    Ботвинник наверное в гробу перевернулся.
    Это же надо в 12 ходов получить проиграно.
    Где советская школа подготовки? Где понимание позиции?
    Не готов – сиди дома.

  24. I'm pretty sure Magnus spent about 3 minutes of his time during this game, so the title is quite silly.

  25. so you're saying that Magnus Carlsen needs 1 minute to finish?

  26. Seriously Sagar , you could have avoided the CLICKBAIT Title … I am a regular viewer of this channel , but you are kinda ruining it … Pls avoid such titles

  27. Game brought to you by Head & Shoulders, number one hair product in the world.

  28. 04:39 Tomashevsky's position is really passive and Magnus has all the time in the world to start an attack

  29. Why does this channel constantly engage in click-bait titling for their videos? It’s pretty insulting to the competitors. Is an accurate representation of their games an inadequate inducement?

  30. Not so much coughing. Was it a real tournament?

  31. the black player why not captred the queen, someone can explain to me ?

  32. Magnus hair is just as unpredictable as his moves..

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