All Pieces Are QUEENS in FPS Chess

If she breathes, she’s a PAWWWWWWNNNN! Also playing with @Blitz.

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Battle a friend in this fast paced 1v1 class-based first-person shooter. Chess takes a back-seat to FPS as you win duel after duel and capture the opponent’s pieces until you’ve beaten their king and won the game.
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  1. Its funny if your king dies from the gueen throw you don't lose 😂

  2. You died because of the paper airplane anti softlock. If you fly too high, it kills you as an anti softlock

  3. Blitz: My people need me!Intern: Your people are dead!

  4. I love this game so much plz keep playing it more and plz keep up the absolute awesome work

  5. music , reacting and gaming for kids says:

    I am the first comment

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