All Pieces Are QUEENS in FPS Chess

If she breathes, she’s a PAWWWWWWNNNN! Also playing with @Blitz.

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Battle a friend in this fast paced 1v1 class-based first-person shooter. Chess takes a back-seat to FPS as you win duel after duel and capture the opponent’s pieces until you’ve beaten their king and won the game.
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  1. I'm getting more recommendation's for intern then i am for Blitz. LOL

  2. Hey intern ✌️, love your videos. I had an idea recently that I think a guy like you might have the skills to do. Or maybe you would know somebody that would have the skills to do it maybe you could discuss too them at some random time. I wanted to suggest this idea I don't want any credit for it because I have absolutely no equipment or skills to be able to do this. But with that out of the way, why don't you or somebody else develop a game which would be a simulator on how to build bases on the Mars or the Moon. I am not talking like the ones we have now, I'm talking about using the actual physics we know about those two different environments and terrains. Kind of like those games that were made to develop a vaccine through gamers. Maybe gamers could engineer the perfect basis for those places for people to live. Just an idea, peace out. ✌️

  3. The battles are all going to take either like 10 seconds or many, many minutes.
    Edit: Now that I have watched a bit, I predict that Intern will win.
    edit 2: also, 8:12 is kool-intern.

  4. 14th I think more comments haven’t loaded in yet

  5. Mikhail Gorbachev died 2 days ago, so that joke about Gorbachev and tearing down walls is a hmmmm moment

  6. This video makes me want to say yass queen

  7. wait pawns are the queen of the queen?

    always has been

  8. Mmmmm…. Reese's peanut butter cup smeared on BREAD with strawberry jelly…

  9. Next video "FPS Chess, but we can't see any of our pieces"

  10. What an Idea: Fog-Chess. The players don‘t see any of the pieces and just have to move acording to memory, while a 3rd person keeps track of the game

  11. 8:59 I laughed WAY too hard when that queen clipped [s] into the backrooms [/s] through the board. XDXD I think it was the accompanying sound effect that did it for me. XDXD

  12. Yeah, these are nothing compared to what you'll see in 5D chess, you almost guessed it

  13. Instead of breaking the game talk to the developer to install a customization where you can chose the pieces

  14. i dont like the queen tbh its not as fun

  15. I love this game so much watching it never gets old! Has Blitz posted this same match from his perspective yet?

  16. You guys should explore the area outside the window

  17. Intern winning in his video: (:
    Intern winning in Blitz’s video: ):

  18. This is how the queen died. She lost in fps chess

  19. Apparently the king loses 9 of his wifes and dies…

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