Alireza Firouzja vs Vladislav Artemiev | BLITZ CHESS 3+1 | Chess.Com | 24/03/23

blitz chess online 3+1
GM firouzja2003 vs GM Sibelephant | | 24/03/23

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  1. I saw Artemiv crazy sacrifice vs Alireza

  2. Good luck Alireza with your fashion design courses 👍

  3. La gente metiéndose con Alireza cuando Artemiev es uno de los mejores jugadores blitz!

  4. I have a feeling Alireza is going to get his ass whooped during Norway chess. He just can't afford to spend most of his spare time studying fashion, and at the same time maintain an elite level form in chess. He got busted here relatively confidently by Artemiev. Not to mention Arjun, who destroyed him recently 5-0.

  5. Waldo doesn't mind this fake funk. In fact he doesn't mind what labels are put on which cans, for the content within remains the same.

    Waldo signing off. Fair well.

  6. Бьют новоиспечëнного модельера))

  7. It looks like Alireza was playing to secure a draw in every game rather than trying to win. He is not playing with conviction.

  8. Haters of Alireza insult the future champion of the world!

  9. I can't still get my f*cking head around where this f*cking fashion design came from. It's so damn immature. It's also feminine and doesn't fit a man's character. Such a pity. He's gonna be the greatest wasted talent.

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