Alireza Firouzja vs Hans Niemann | Blitz Chess 3+0 | ChessCom | September 11, 2023

Blitz Matchup on
GM firouzja2003 vs GM Hansontwitch | | September 11, 2023

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  1. I still don't understand the whole cheating discussion, the tragedy of sad people. So they're proposing he used an undetectable way to win with technology with I guess all the games he played against GM's. Even blitz games…. However, no one in the world has seen this machinery, let alone being used by someone…in the world. With so many technology in the world and chess globally it happened to a chess prodigy from a young age that somehow got his hands on it. No one would expect that from all the other 99% of decent, not good, chess players in the world not one of them heard of this device? Used it to become better, it was an already random world champion GM that cheated 2 times when he was young online in a meaningless game.

  2. other players win: we so goodhans wins : cheater Alireza got destroyed after teasing hans "wasted too much time trying to outplay me" in early rounds. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. What a Joke. This loser against Firouzja winning…. Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂
    I dont need to say what every body thinks..

  4. Hans showing his strength….very impressive…..

  5. Great show by HN, proving that he is super clean by winning in time scrambles against super quick AF.

  6. Really nice games !!! Both of them are very strong players 👍👍👍Huge skill, very instructive.

  7. #1 Fun Fact : Both players streamed but Alireza didnt play in his usual streaming room. He choosed are room, where a big mirror was behind him and you could see him from behind…. Also every time someone in Alireza's chat called Niemann a cheater he immediatly called them out and said he will stop playing if this accusations during their match continues.

    #2 Funfact: Remember this quote from Nepo 3 years ago calling Niemann a Clownfish and Alireza compared to him a shark?

  8. I only saw Hikaru beating Alireza with this score difference in Blitz. Chess speaks for itself.

  9. No idea what’s going on but think hans should be completely banned from every comp no harm x he can play stockfish his mentor lol from now on xxx

  10. wooow Hans is such a strong player, especially online.

  11. Hans beating one of the World's best bullet players. While he gets smashed by chess brahs. Nice

  12. Firouzja, #5 in classical, 2800+ recently, the highest rated (OTB) blitz player 2896 in the world (Magnus is the second) is being outplayed mercilessly by Hans Neiman 2660 classical, 2614 blitz OTB. Go figure.

  13. Is Firouzja facing Hans Niemann or a super computer like Stockfish or Alpha Zero ??

  14. The only way to defeat cheaters is to flag them.

  15. I wonder if Hans is cheating. I said what I said.

  16. I hope Hans has good advisers now and listens to them. The games look legit, now he needs to build a reputation as someone who has learned from his mistakes. He’s clearly a strong player, and it would be a shame losing him to him being (his old) him.

  17. As long as Hans hasn't come clean about what he actually did (he has merely tried to deny it) he will not be seen as 100% clean even if he is. He could easily do this and start over from zero, but I doubt he will. It is like the athletes from the 80s that try to explain away their ban resulting from doping controls. What is good about this is that the question is hi-lighted, we only need better controls, the ones we have now are pathetically bad and if someone wants to cheat without detection this is no problem really, and the only way we can understand that cheating has been conducted is by post analysis of the game quality, which works on probabilities alone and are no proofs of cheating.

  18. Online Hans is incredibly strong. Over the board his rating has dipped sharply since the controversy and improved OTB anti cheating.

  19. There is hearing device inside the ear of that cheater nieman. They should check that in onboard tournament. I told you there is someone telling what to move specially if the game is lived !!!!

  20. Great match with some good variation in openings to try varioius things.

  21. Hans con sus bolas anales ha superado a bigotillo jeje

  22. Hans plays a stronger game. Firouzja finds great interesting moves like Hikaru but is off a bit. I really was hoping Firouzja to be better.

  23. The said truth is: a strong player (2500+) can cheat very easily, because only need 1-2 help in hard moments and nobody knows when this tiny help happened and how..

  24. ,this clown can only win online games but in one by one there is no match against anybody everyone knows that . Keep up your clown work hans you will be remembered as the cheater of chess for many people .

  25. Damn they should’ve had Hans play the speed chess championship instead of Nepo

  26. Just like Kramnik said, Hans plays badly. Then "something" seems to get switched on and he crushes his opponent. The first few games seem legitimate anyway.

  27. Changed my mind about Hans. Go prove your haters wrong!

  28. Прикольно было бы повторить матч но в живую. Думаю лохматый взял бы не больше 2 очков

  29. Черный Прямоугольник says:

    I think he cheats and someone is helping him providing him with cutting edge technology. Я уверен абсолютно в том, что ниманн – читер и работает на него целая американская подпольная контора по махинациям в шахматах, использующая новейшие технологии. На Майкла Фелпса работали целые институты. Нет в Америке шахматиста способного стать чемпионом мира – вот и стараются. Если Алиреза ведет себя иначе с ниманном, значит ему хорошо платят американцы.

  30. Please upload Nihal vs Hans. Good vid, Hans is a very strong player in blitz ngl

  31. Niemann has such incredible online strength. If only he could concentrate just as well otb.

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