Alireza Firouja and Magnus Carlsen Go Down To The Wire In Blitz At Norway Chess

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  1. Sorry this setup with a super small chess diagramm is impossible to follow for non eagles or people above 40.How about enlargening the diagramm, putting it in the center and positioning the players heads above.The view at the chessboard from the side is meaningless in my opinion.Thx for listening

  2. Carlsen vs Firouzja are always legendary games.

  3. Nice but who would win in a chessboxing match between those 2

  4. Why are they uploading every blitz game Magnus has lost

  5. Crazy opening, insane middle game and dramatic end game.

  6. They way magnus had to make perfect moves to protect the bishops and the knights with that pawn, n to think in that limited time, was πŸ”₯

  7. Why you take so long to update games from 2-3 months ago tho?

  8. At this point I’m convinced that Magnus has forgot what a barber is.

  9. Great commentary from Daniel as usual

  10. Hey Daniel, learn from Yasser Seirawan an d Daniel King. Speak smoothly rather than incessant. It is eery and tedious. Slow down, breathe deeply every now and then and talk calmly.

  11. Next time show the live position on an even smaller board!

  12. Daniel’s commentary is legendary

  13. Being able to speak without pause for 9 and a half minutes without a co-commentator is insane… how

  14. Neah!! Chess is meant to think, not blunder . This is Consumption!! Entertainment!! IT's everything but chess.

  15. Firoujza is looked more mature nowadays, back then everytime it is match against magnus, he always hit the table

  16. Carlsen’s posture actually pains me

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