Alexander Grischuk vs Boris Gelfand | The Sicilian Show | Satty Zhuldyz Blitz

After ten rounds were over, it was already a long day of Blitz for the players at the Satty Zhuldyz Chess Festival Blitz 2023. In the 11th round, GM Alexander Grischuk (2727) faced GM Boris Gelfand (2601) and it was the Sicilian on the board. Watch the video as the game sets up for an epic encounter.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Довольный Грищук – под конец чуть не поплыл

  2. Oh that defensive rook maneuver from Gelfand

  3. Did anyone else click this expecting "The Sicilian Show" to be a new podcast and is now disappointed?

  4. Hi im biggest fan of chess please like my comment

  5. सर आप कुछ स्किन चेस बोर्ड तो बड़ा लगाते भले थोड़ा सा खिलाड़ी ढक जाते

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