A Thriller!!! (Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final)

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Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final featured funny reactions of Kasparov, Vishwanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Anand Blitz, Kasparov blitz, Kasparov funny,

Anand-Kasparov, Geneva Grandprix, 1996
Credit Suisse Masters 96
Date: 1/9/1996


  1. This is like an MMA fight with their minds

  2. Fascinating to see the great minds in action

  3. But Queen takes rook check give some more advantage, why its not played I didn't understand

  4. I dint know "Ted Bundy" was a chess player!!!!

  5. He should work on his pokerface

  6. GJ can you post more old videos like: Capablanca Or Fischer or more older like Tal.

  7. Kasparov is very bad in dealing with lose.

  8. Bet Kasparov stormed straight out of the building LOL

  9. During this match.. magnus carlsen reaction: sabko ekdin dakh lunga papa😎

  10. Whoever plays chess blunders
    Knock out format is the best way to get the sporting element of chess and make it more popular

  11. 5:05 when he realised that it was a blunder because of early celebration

  12. How much this guys win in a tournament?

    Is here much money involved?

  13. 5:05 क्या कर दिए भाई….. बचा लो मुझे….. बहुत मार पडने वाली है मुझे…..

  14. 5:05 is where you start seeing the steam coming out of Kasparov's ears.

  15. I've never shaked somebody's hand while running away.

  16. If Anand were white American, then they would go like… "Look! Anand clearly set up a brilliant trap for Kasparov and won convincingly."

  17. how can you NOT show the moves? ridiculous filming

  18. 7:43 8:43 "Kasparov fighting for his life here" Kasparov runs after the match… Well now we know why Russia is superpower in chess…

  19. Chess is supreme for me and I have decided that I will make my career in chess

  20. yeah! dont show the chessboard only a glimpse is enough to understand a simple game as that

  21. 5:00 fellow gothamchess fans. also this was a legendary reaction and the fact that he saw the threat as soon as it happened

  22. I nominate Garry Kasparov for actor for the next Mr Bean movie

  23. I got to know about his match when my maths Tr told me how v anand tricked kasporav

  24. 5:18 This is the same reaction after looking at the question from that subject that i left…😂😂

  25. 0:47 Those clocks are og with specific name engraved and solid af

  26. "Kasparov's just exchaaaanging pieces now… it's all over." It sure was, for Kasparov.

  27. I just noticed Anand rubs his hands together after taking advantage of the blunder, he must have felt so relieved lol.

  28. Anand – great chess champion

  29. What I love with Anand is his passion for chess… That too having lost to Carlsen in finals in 2013…again winning candidates tournament and again challenging carlsen in the year 2014.

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