A Thriller!!! (Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final)

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Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final featured funny reactions of Kasparov, Vishwanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Anand Blitz, Kasparov blitz, Kasparov funny,

Anand-Kasparov, Geneva Grandprix, 1996
Credit Suisse Masters 96
Date: 1/9/1996


  1. pawn takes rook G6 which is then check, and mate in one move..

  2. like for the game itself  dislike for your edditing

  3. A blunder by Kasparov ! Anand, Love you. !

  4. camera angle at the exchange of 5:10 was blasphemous, I played it over 10x and couldn't see what happened.

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  6. "How about d3 Qxe4, d2 Rxd2, Rh6+, … , Kf1+ and then Kxd2"… lol… that calculation at 8:48 was amazing! 

  7. I wish that they would have kept the tournament board view so we could see what happened.

  8. It's easy for you 2 baboons to say..It's harder when your in alot of pressure against time..

  9. it would seem in a game where seconds count that Anand would use his left hand on the clock.  If that is legal. ??

  10. Worthless video. Half the time you can't see the moves. Who won?

    Nadie gana, mueven negras, y si no quieren mate en la próxima jugada tiene que mover al rey, lo movería atrás, le harían jaque con la reina, volvería el rey a su posición y así, por la regla del jaque continuo

  12. This was a really fast and exciting game!! Poor Kasparov. He was clearly better 

  13. I'm surprised they don't get a timer each or something cause Anand was at a slight disadvantage – had to reach a little further, each move. 

  14. don't watch this one … not a good video as important moves are not shown

  15. I wouldn't call this thing dramatic. Bad audio, and chess board not being shown at half of the moves.
     It COULD have been dramatic.

  16. for professional chess player, the real winner is Kasparov 

  17. what is wrong with taking one of the rooks, giving check? The threat has to be dealt with, so it's basically a "free" grab.
    For example 34: … QxE1, 35: NxE1 and THEN … O-O?
    Would move the knight to a less active square and take down a rook, while not losing any tempo at all(the queen is still lost, but at the very least, she'd take some stuff with her)
    I am by no means a grandmaster, so there might be something I'm overlooking, but having doomed pieces perform some sort of kamikaze attack should be rather effective, if the attacks are forcing an immediate response.

  18. 5:06 Love how Kasparov's eyes widen with impending horror as Anand moves to capture on g4. Hilarious!

  19. I repeated again and again Kasparov's movement and emotion after the blunder. It is just so funny…

  20. Why do chess players in general run off so quickly when they lose?

  21. The way of moving of Kasparov make me think that he just didn't see the horse in d3 which protected the rock. If the horse hadn't protected the rock it would have been a perfect move, forcing Anand to exchange queen and probably lose one turn because the rock would have killed him. If Anand didn't want to exchange the queens he would have lost rock and was chess. For sure, Kasparov didn't see the horse in d3.

    The problem was : if Kasparov moved the horse to eat bishop, Kasparov was not sure to exchange the queen and could be in a bad pressure. In fact, Anand could still put his queen on d2. And the Kasparov horse would have been under pressure the rock. Then Kasparov could move on d4, but then the Anand rock on e2 could go on d2 and that was absolutely horrible situation for Kasparov. Then Kasparov could still attack the rock with bishop on g7 but anand got 1 turn in advance.

    Anand was just a genius. I admire this guy. He always find something when he's defending a position : it's its best way of thinking and best quality.

    I think the commentators didn't see the possibility that Anand maybe wouldn't have taken the horse immediately with his queen, but would have waited for a better position.

    The Anand's defending position was just amazing, over every way of thinking. I saw him with about the same position against Michael Adams recently, and crashed him terribly while everybody thought he was almost dead.

  22. In Blitz its all about how quick you can think without making a blunder, blunder and strategy are part of Blitz chess, so don't call Anand Lucky, he was simply the better Blitz player at this game today.

  23. The thing is Anand didnt win Cauze he outsmarted him but becauz Kasparov made a huge mistake… so dunno who is feeling the pain Kasparov cauz he did the mistake or Anand knowing it he won not cauz he was "better" but Cauz Kasparov Made the mistake, i Wouldnt want to be in either of their shoes insted i would have want a Draw out of this in both Cases.. Winning by someones else mistake is always like … aaaah i only won cauz that person made a huge mistake… but by winning Cauz you outsmarted someone that is a beauty!!!

  24. well,Kasparov has to work on his poker face,lolz

  25. 5:17 check kasparov's eyes before anand made his move. Kasparov knew his mistake.

  26. We couldnt even see what really happened because the camera, it was more interested and how they look than the game itself.. the camera sucks!

  27. ikr wtf show the fucking game  Gj_Chess your videos suckk ass dude gtfo youtube!!!!!

  28. PaulHutchh, Anad moved to G4 , attacking Kasparov's Rook and bishop whilst also allowing the castle to attack Kasparov's Queen, Kasparov then castle's and his queen his lost and subsequently a very obvious face expression from Kasparov

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