A Thriller!!! (Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final)

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Anand Vs Kasparov – 1996 Blitz Chess Final featured funny reactions of Kasparov, Vishwanathan Anand, Garry Kasparov, Anand Blitz, Kasparov blitz, Kasparov funny,

Anand-Kasparov, Geneva Grandprix, 1996
Credit Suisse Masters 96
Date: 1/9/1996


  1. Cuando los relojes de ajedrez eran suizos. Ahora son chinos….😂

  2. I Can Beat the both players in Snakes and Ladder 🪜🪜 Game….

  3. When Anand used to have real hairs.

  4. Amazing camera angles. We can totally see what's going on

  5. Players who don't want to spread germs should be allowed to do a 'Namaste', instead of shaking hands.

  6. In 0:42 seconds Kasparov touched his Bishop but played a different piece. Isn’t that a foul?

  7. Anand's key expressions and eye movement while speaking never changed for his entire career

  8. For all those British commentators, the country didnt produce any quality GM including Nigel Short

  9. From 10:46 the commentary is epic along with the music! Danny at its best!

  10. "rook f4 threatening rook g4 .. that would be.. that would be the end of the world"

  11. What would've happened if 1…Qa7 or 1 .. Qb6 or 1 … Qh6 Anand would've taken 2.Qc8 Ke7 — and isn't black still at a material advantage?

  12. is it legal to make your move on opponent's time? Or they should wait until opponent press the clock THEN make a move?

  13. Every chess player Just after finishing the match: Bhago BC koi dekh lega 😂

  14. Kasparov always speaks of this game as his blunder and how he was winning until his mistake. But he doesn't give Anand credit for spotting the blunder right away and then converting it into a fascinating win. Even the commentators had not spotted it, so Anand deserves credit.

  15. KASPAROVS EYES AT 5:05 LMAO! oh my god that was too good

  16. Kasparov is not resigned actually he was checkmate. Anand was beast in blitz back then

  17. Commentators: he just exchanging pieces now its over now.
    Vishy: bit*h! Please sit the f down.

  18. Accept or not anand is the most handsome chess gm ever

  19. Garry did a great job pressing his queen side

  20. You show every move except the one which resulted in Kasparov's reaction

  21. Just curious…do the rules require you to use the same hand to move the pieces and punch the clock?

  22. lol @ kasparov stumbling off in shock, such an expressive guy haha

  23. Ngl, I don't know shit about chess. I only watch this because I find it relaxing.

  24. What are these wood things they're using to play a mobile game?

  25. Just happened to see the comment Anand is always 45.
    Yes He is fortify always.
    That is y Kasparov hates him. Kasparov likes players who easily give away their games

  26. One of the reasons I've always hated TV productions and love modern internet recordings: 1. the cameraman cuts away right at the critical moment, 2. Kasparov's angry reaction when he resigns is not visible due to the board being put over the screen, 3. in the end, Anand's words are barely audible due to completely unnecessary music. I hated those "productions" back in the 80s and 90s and I hate them today. An amateur with a smartphone would do a better job.

  27. Kasparov was playing with full bladder 😂😂😂 runs to bathroom after match!

  28. One of the most incredible blitz chess game of all time.

  29. Proud moment for India in Chess World. Love you Vishy. ♥️

  30. This commentor has no respect for the game..speaking one sided..he must understand how rock solid Anand is playing….finally when Genius Anand won, this irritating uncivilised commentator got his ass kicked🤣

  31. Kasparov was 33 but looked 53. Anand was 27 and still looks the same today 😀

  32. Si Kasparov se colgó una dama yo me quedo tranquilo……….al mejor le puede pasar……

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