A stunning game | Magnus Carlsen vs Arjun Erigaisi | World Blitz 2023

When Magnus Carlsen is in top shape, it is extremely difficult to subdue him. Arjun Erigaisi gave his everything in this game. Would he be able to beat Carlsen? Check out their battle from round 15 of World Blitz 2023.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. wow i actually understood everything they said 😀

  2. 11:52 what is the symbolic of letting the kings on middle of the board ? anyone does it know ?

  3. Wonder what they are saying at the end ? and so sombre ! not even a smile between them !

  4. please give me a digital board, it wouldn't be good if there wasn't a digital board

  5. Promote to queen to deflect the king away from the other pawn queening was 10/10.

  6. go to minute speed in rapid chess.
    hail the lord!

  7. It's amazing how the were taking known paths and played variation which was studied and played in early 1970's, like it was classical 6 hours' chess game, not a 3 minutes blitz. Sympatico how Carlsen took time before he played Qe2: he intended to preceed with e5, but had to secure defense of that pawn. And h4, Bf4, Nf1 – typical KID. In seventies, experts agreed that white always wins: he attacks the black king, while black is fumbling on queen's flank like tired husband gone fishing. The history of the opening, decades – in one 3 minutes game. Carlsen esrned crucial tempo at the end with promotion on g8, so he occupied gield f6 with king and prevented the proverbial "opposition".

  8. Talk about using all your marbles😏

  9. La humildad de Gukesh al discutir con Carlsen su posición para encontrar las razones de su derrota. Qué gran actitud deportiva!!

    Es evidente que el Indú admira a Carlsen.

  10. Why they have frustrating mood after winning also ?

  11. Pls provide a board over the top as it will easier to enjoy the game

  12. Gukesh is in the candidates tournament !!

  13. It's much better without a board and a thermometer

  14. Even these blitz calculations are mindblogging for us mortals 😉

  15. It was such a disgusting game, arjun played such bad moves.

  16. Sagar where is the commentary. I think 🤔 hes busy.

  17. What's the point in posting this if you cant include a proper board?

  18. OTB, online, rapid, blitz, bullet and classic… Magnus surpassing everyone, perhaps Hikaru have slight edge in the bullet online chess nonetheless, Magnus has proved he can surpass any speed demon. This is an asset that neither Bobby Fischer nor Kasparov had, plus Magnus overall accuracy in chess is pretty much above everyone.

  19. Yes this was a good game. But Magnus vs Yu Yangi was simply shunning! I still can't believe move no . 25 and 26 played in blitz time controls!! Unbelievalbe!

  20. Why this poor fellows participate against carlsen? No other indian players rather than vishy anand can win any big match or tournament still now

  21. Iam so sad seeing his jerking chess is so effective

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