A SHOCKING Blunder | Haik M. Martirosyan vs Alexander Grischuk | Satty Zhuldyz Blitz

How many times have you seen a blunder so shocking that both the players take some time to recover from it? In the game against GM Haik M. Martirosyan,(2770) and GM Alexander Grischuk (2727) in round five of the Satty Zhuldyz Chess Festival Blitz 2023, something happened that shocked both the players. Watch the video to see what happened in the game.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Grischuk er niets mee verkeerdAlleen maar dat dan kom jij mee

  2. Chantard lle and witte kleren

    Zwarte broek china thai laos

  3. It happens. Didn't Magnus blunder a mate to Ivanchuck

  4. Прикол в том что до этого изнасилования ,этот армяшка тоже самое проделал и с супругой нашего некогда великого Грищука !

  5. Грищук и блиц это не очень приятное зрелище

  6. Shocking blunder to miss Qd8 Mate, even for a time trouble addict like Grischuk.

  7. My First like and comment debut on YouTube 😂

  8. At 5:35 y did Grishuck castle ..what was stopping him to take the rook ?

  9. 08:30 Blunder.

    Because incoming queen to 8th rank delivering checkmate.

  10. Looks like Grischuk is not interested to play the game 🤧

  11. how is that mate? could he just block with the rook? if white played h8

  12. Man, I felt so sorry for Mr Alexander. In a tournament, I got checkmated that way too, with the enemy queen

  13. Очень пассивно играл, ну и получил по щщам

  14. 8:24 blunder is unacceptable for a GM. I am a fan of Alexander😪😪😪… Alex makes another mistake in the opening, he lets the white pawn come forward to threaten his knight, which is already blocked by the white Bishop (which is pinning the black Queen). To solve this problem on the black king's wing, Alex's game is compromised from the beginning. Am I wrong?

  15. Grischuk playing too scared and defensive chess, im 600 elo and i would beat him

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