600 Elo Chess Dude

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Gotham Chess

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  1. Obviously this is not 600 elo games, i am 500 elo not play this bad lol

  2. As a 400 elo i play brilliant moves sometimes and this guy plays like a 50 elo

  3. i feel like when people first join they claim they are already good at chess and proceed to get mauled

  4. Bro I’m 700 elo and I’ve never played someone this bad like wtf

  5. Ain't no way this is 600 elo chess man 💀

  6. Those rooks were ganging up on that one rook….. 😳

  7. Ive not really played chess for 50 years when I was at school…. but I didnt play this badly.

  8. As a 1400 who was stuck at 200 for a year, I can confirm that I don't care.

  9. As someone who was stuck at 600 elo I can say this is worse than 300 elo

  10. As a old 1100 elo and after years now 600 this is not 600 elo chess

  11. İf this 600 elo i am better than magnus

  12. As a 400elo player I would like to say it is 200elo or under game 400s are smarter

  13. Bro if i get players like this maybe I'll be above 700 but i keep getting 400 that plays like gm.

  14. I am like 700 and ain’t no way this 600 elo unless I have been facing like people who ended up being like 1200

  15. This is not a 600 elo chess game,is a 100 elo chees game

  16. I am 600 elo chess player but i am not so dumb

  17. As a 400 stuck at 400 for being lazy im an not braindead as these people

  18. i am 105 elo but at least i dont play stupid like this

  19. As a 1000 i can say i never played like this😂😂

  20. bro I cant control my laugh 😂😂😂

  21. i just got 700 elo and i can confirm this is a 400 elo game

  22. As a 900 elo who was stuck at 400 elo before and hasnt played chess in 3 months i can confirm that this is a 200 elo game

  23. Can't believe I played like that when i was 600 (1800 now)

  24. Gotham has to stop watching low Elo chess it’s bad for his heart

  25. Gotham will get a heart attack after this

  26. after Rf6 c7( if the queen was anywhere else than g5 and h4), imagine what a brilliant beautiful queen sacrifice it would be! If Bxc7 Qxa8, if Rxf3, Rd8+ !!!!

  27. watching 600 elo chess is like watching two elderly people using nerf guns as swords

  28. "why is he not queening?"
    M2 on the board: am i a joke to you?

  29. I play 600 elo why don't these people play against me?

  30. Perfect definition of don't let them know your next move
    If I am the opponents hell no way I am predicting that

  31. i wish i was playing with the 400 elo like this when i was in 400 elo (they're not playing like a 400 elo) i feel like i was playing against 800 elo🗿
    but for some reason i got stalemate a lots

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