3000 Sac Everything Against Hikaru

Hikaru Nakamura The king premove is back.

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Hikaru Nakamura

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  1. This proves why chess is brutal and thats why i dont like it

  2. Hikaru ale miałeś szczęście, bo prawie podwaliłeś hetmana

  3. I’ve never seen that before. That was very strange. It was impressive that Carl picked up on that immediately.

  4. Didn’t know ankle breakers were a thing in chess

  5. Bro just wants to protect his rook😂

  6. I plead no contest to being angry 🤬 and wanting to throw my phone across my apartment…….over Chess

  7. O cara jogou como alguém que tem 500 de rating kkkkkkk nem meus adversários de 1.000 de rating fazem isso kkkkk

  8. Hi Anish we meet again at last ahahaha these meme queen sacs to confuse the opponent are fucking gold.

  9. Even when he tries to blunder he can't 😂

  10. I’ve definitely sac-ed all my pieces intentionally to cap off an epic loss. It’s cathartic.

  11. His opponent must be Anish (premoving the capture and subsequently not realizing the queen is hanging)

  12. And then he sacrifices THE QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!

  13. Hahaha, now I know how you got your Elo so high, Hikaru! I wish I had your luck!

  14. if hope chess dies as late as possible. If within the next decade some dumb garbage engine solves chess, i think i'll cry😕

  15. Hikaru missed back rank mate with bishop takes rook when the opponent blundered his knight

  16. He premoved and didn't think he would sac the queen

  17. Someone GM who's drunk: "lol it's Hikaru, let's give this tryhard +4!"
    Hikaru: sOMEoNE's angRy!

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