3-minute blitz chess mayhem on LiChess – Starting strong!?


Checkmate ends the game and that’s important to remember today, as Simon takes on the very best from Lichess. Join in the fun and learn along the way from watching these games.

This video is taken from a stream please bear that in mind when watching.

– Check it out to improve from your Blitz games!
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  1. Douglas Adams liked to go for lunch. Chinese food had a lot of meaning for him.

  2. I'm so pleased someone told you about the animation trick in the chat room! It was that all along and not your mouse skills 🤣

  3. Guess you stopped uploading speed run?

  4. Great to see the mighty GingerGM back with the longer uploads. Always a treat. Thanks Simon.

    Also, I would happily pay to watch Simon strangle Ben Finegold.

  5. Hey all, I’m looking for a GingerGM video I can’t find again. It must be at least a year old and was blitz and Simon sacked 6 pawns in like 12 moves or something and ended up sacking a piece to checkmate the enemy king in the center of the board. If you know where I can find it please let me know!

  6. love workin' with danya "when he wasn't as well known" lol

  7. Hey Simon, don't you ever play your King's Gambit anymore? On a very old DVD I heard a GM say it was probably Jesus' favourite opening

  8. What happened in the end? I hope you won the tie 🙂

  9. I was in fact drunk lately but even I heard the news 😆

  10. I'm sure strangling Ben Finegold would be seen as a mercy killing. Therefore you'd do 5 months in the clink, do some chess reading, emerge an even better player!!! The world would breath a sigh of relief.

  11. Always love a good Blitz session by the GingerGM! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  12. Why does it look like your mouse is always behind, like it’s lagging? If that’s really the case, that can’t help with your time scrambles.

  13. Idk, Simon – the world is smaller than we all think

    Once upon a time, I visited friend1 who was on exchange for a year – he was studying in Lancaster. And we're both from the USA.

    Another friend2 whom I knew in the US, was from Portsmouth, and he gave me a phone number and a name, in case I needed to spend a night on the cheap in London

    Friend1s gf lived in London, and we were talking about my travel arrangements and my plan to call this guy and stay my last night there before heading to Heathrow for the early flight. Only I couldn't remember the guy's name. So I said, "Well, he's a political activist, and also a quadriplegic, as I recall…"

    And she said: "Oh, Pat Stack? Yeah, he's a good family friend of ours"

    So really….it's a small world after all 🎶🎵🎶

  14. Love these long videos. Keep it up! And thanks!

  15. You are over optimistic in thinking that chess content will be free. Now there is a monopoly those monopoly powers will be used to screw the consumer. Companies exist to make a profit and a monopoly has greater opportunities.

  16. your pieces moving weridly, they like following the mouse with some latency. its not supposed to be a case. fix that issue and ur speed will increase)

  17. Божечки! Сколько прожных ноу-нейм дегенератов на личесс, бедный Саймон, проигрывает придуркам с шахматной программой.

  18. most entertaining chess streamer without a shadow of a brussel sprout

  19. Wasp gang! To anyone wondering, this one was very funny.

  20. There may be benefits to customers and creators in the short term, but long term this is a business decision to reduce levels of competition and that is always bad for everyone except shareholders.

  21. I well known GM from Brit,only 2
    GM Michael Adams
    GM Nigel Short

    Sorry its new for me to know you….naah just joke…i knew you all along Ginger GM


  22. Loved that moment just before 1:45 where you spot a combo, bail on it, your opponent plays it as you predict and then loses, GM stylie. Your stock has also gone up having been part of the D&B massif, highly likely I bumped into you down in Brighton at a dark D&B night 🤣

  23. Man, thank you so much. I am struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and god knows what else since I live in 3rd world country, so the health care is not the best in the world. You got me from being nervous to laughing out loud in matter of seconds

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