2022 Yearly Blitz Arena: TRICKY CHESS

In this video, I compete in the 2022 Yearly Blitz Arena on lichess.org. This annual tournament featured several hours of fun and instructive 5-minute blitz chess. Watch until the end and you won’t regret it 😉
0:00 FEAR MY ARROWS (English Opening)
7:25 Facing the Elephant Gambit
12:30 London Opening leads to funny checkmate
15:27 Crushing the London Opening with fun tactics
19:55 Ponziani leads to sweet rook sacrifice
25:40 Beating this 1596 Elo is not easy!
31:20 Ruy Lopez Schliemann Gambit
39:30 Raging Opening Attack with Soothing Pentatonic Music
46:10 Aggressive g5 idea against Italian Opening
54:00 How to crush the Caro Kann
1:07:10 Funny Petroff Opening line
1:13:34 Facing the WHALE opening
1:27:25 I refuse to stop attacking (Vienna Opening)
1:33:35 Benoni Gambit Accepted
1:41:40 Hippo-like defense vs Trompowsky
1:46:30 INSANE London Opening Variation
1:52:36 STAFFORD GAMBIT TIME (common trap)
1:57:15 London vs Pirc leads to forking with the KING
2:01:46 How to win a drawish position (Petroff Defense)
2:07:00 London vs Dutch Defense
2:12:10 Budapest Gambit leads to INSANE ATTACK*
2:16:45 Stafford Gambit leads to crazy endgame
2:21:40 There’s a funny line…
2:27:40 Jobava London leads to WICKED ENDGAME CHECKMATE
2:35:20 Sweet Opening Trap in Jobava London
2:40:45 INTENSE London leads to 133 BPM HEART RATE
2:46:50 Benoni Gambit Accepted leads to intense endgame
2:54:10 When I gambit too many pawns… (English Opening)
3:02:10 Aggressive London. Weird Pawns. Crazy Mating Ideas.
3:15:47 Hippo vs Delayed CRAB
3:23:48 WHERE’S MY MATE???? (HEART RATE = 148 BPM)
3:32:35 I’m so sad
3:48:25 How to Checkmate the Italian Opening in 13 moves*

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  1. That Benoni gambit was really tense! im glad you took a look at it after the game , i was wondering why you hadnt taken the pawn. at first i thought i was just being a silly little 500. but for one move i was actually right! lol anyway, great video as always Eric! thank you for all of thee great games, win or lose. low rated players like me love to see weird and crazy gambits both for entertainment, and to try them out.

  2. Why all the background noise Eric.
    Your personality, chess and voice was always what kept me at your streams from start to beginning, no matter how many hours they lasted.
    Now I have stayed away a couple of months, even unsubscribed, but tried it when youtube suggested your video.
    Please take care and always stay firm to what you like, even if it means noisy streams without me. 😀🙌

  3. Being calm is key what you said it was genius! That's my humble but pro appreciation.

  4. I have learned the most from Mr Rosen particularly the Stafford gambit which I try use everything I play black

  5. I really enjoy your competition videos…but you seem to run out of time too often, and people are starting realize that and they will start to make odd moves right at the end to force you into a pre-move blunder. Just keep the time at 5:00 win!

  6. Eric Rosen missed Will Smith giving Chris Rock love

  7. The amount of commercials in this is ridiculous.

  8. Eric beserk s the game
    Again eric I'm behind 2 minutes 😂😂

  9. Eric please put relaxing music in the background of your streams. It’s all they’re missing

  10. Cute vidio. I have posted some new content if you have little time.

  11. 1:08:25 I wonder why Eric decided to take with queen and then with knight preserving the knight and not vice versa. Does anybody know?

  12. Watching your game at 3hr 10min, and I have one thing to say: Dear Eric. I watch a lot of YouTube chess (I’m old and don’t watch streaming. Sorry, I guess?) and you always have the most MENTAL positions.

    You know how you watch some footy or tennis and be like “man those lads are good”. That’s what’s it’s like for us plebs.

    Yourself, Levy, Bartholomew, Finegold, Chessbrahs, Sir Lord Ginger of house Williams…. (Tbh the folk I watch most) No you’re not Magnus. You might care, you may not.

    On behalf of the silent majority who don’t comment, we don’t care either. All we want to see is something that blows our minds and is awesome to watch. No matter what those loud minorities say, it’s a bloody good show, every bloody time 👌🏻

  13. 1:56:36 – It sounds like Eric is insulting his opponent when that's just his opponent's username.

  14. Eric getting ready for his honeymoon "So I guess I'm pretty close to mating"

  15. 2:06:01 All of White's pawns are fixed on the same color as Black's bishop, while none of Black's pawns can be captured by White's bishop…an important lesson to keep in mind about bishop endings!

  16. am i hearing this right hello father hello son???

  17. It was worth watching full video to see Zhigalko reaction at the end 😀

  18. I think they should do a year long blitz tournament with no rating limit or limit to who you could play (a 600 could be paired against a 2200) and the whole point is that you play till you lose. After you lose you are kicked from the tournament for the rest of the month you lost in and your win streak is posted on a leaderboard and at the end of the year the people with the top 10 longest win streaks for the year play a big tournament with major cash prizes. I feel like it would definitely draw attention to the game and make a fun challenge for pros to do their best to not be rated more than their opponents, but rather play smarter than their opponents

  19. It is called Petrov's defence not Petroff defense

  20. I also get multiple forks but they also fork a knight

  21. Eric needs to become a gm he has all the potential.

  22. 'Definitely Maybe' is a nice album. 🙂

  23. Yep, good comparison to Bob Ross by Jordan below..Eric is really growing with his chess. He will get GM one day if he goes for it.

  24. @ 28:03 you should have just traded queens. If he takes with rook you put your bishop on e3 and win the rook or the knight. If he takes with king, well than the king is on an uncomfortable square.

  25. 16:19 I thought you said “I have a pretty bussin’ position” lol

  26. 1:56:06 ah I was screaming at the screen the bishop was hanging! (Pawn was pinned by the queen)

  27. I just wanted to chime in. I noticed that at around 3:16. White had Bxc7 because you can't play Qxc7 or else Qxb4. White would win a pawn and threaten discovery on black's queen with an exchange of the dark squared bishops. Did you miss that or was it some sort of gambit that I'm missing? I thought that I might be crazy so I checked an engine and it does appear that white's best move would have been Bxc7.

  28. 1st game missed trapping the queen

  29. Wouldn't it make more sense to just resign the games that are obviously, or most likely lost? That way that time can be used to face more opponents and gain more points.

  30. thisismylongestyoutubechannelchrisdoesntknowthatxD says:

    2:13:28 According to Stockfish Rh6 was the best move, because if he takes the knight you have Qxh2 followed up with Rg6 which leads to basically the same exact position.

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