2022 US Masters Blitz: FM Tani v GM Naroditsky

FM Tani Adewumi faces off against GM Daniel Naroditsky in round 1 of the 2022 US Masters blitz tournament.


  1. Retitle this, arrogant kid get's crushed :).

  2. Cant wait to see Tani, Faustino Oro and Christopher Yoo growing up.

  3. Just read this kid's story of being a refugee coming to NY and learning chess. It's wonderful what he's been able to accomplish and I'm glad he found people who support his ambitions.

  4. Hey this little kid is GOOD, REALLY GOOD! He'll be spanking Danya in a few years! Did you see Rg6+ and Ne6+? I didn't! 😮

  5. So from this we knew that the difference of pawn position is the difference beteween a CM and GM😁

  6. 2:20 it looks like the kid is offering a draw or just being persistent with positioning advantage lol.

  7. this young boy will get very strong one day.

  8. Tani went for the checkmate but he needed to hold of the promotion by placing his rook on the file of the advancing pawn and then promote his own pawns. Truly a thrilling game , Naroditsky is a shark

  9. Александр Это совершенно неважно says:

    Малой молодец

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