2022 US Masters Blitz: FM Tani v GM Naroditsky

FM Tani Adewumi faces off against GM Daniel Naroditsky in round 1 of the 2022 US Masters blitz tournament.


  1. Is this just one game? Any more of these two fighting? One of them is a GM. The other is a really good child chess prodigy.

  2. Tani will be very good once he gets older and more experience. He needs to slow it down a lot. He's rushing too much and that opens up a lot of holes in his game and blunders.

  3. The difference between talent vs talent+experience

  4. Tani has a lot of talent, for sure, but Naroditsky didn't just out play him in every aspect, Tani himself created a game where everything is over extended (by trying to push forwards constantly and overly enforce ideas) so to say, as many here in the comments did, that Naroditsky won because "he's a very good blitz player" is to miss quite a lot Tani did wrong through out the whole game.

  5. Good game! Like the smiles at the end. Both good sports.

  6. Interesting. IM Banzea had a video on the strong move Qc7 a week ago. I think it catches alot of players of guard because the engine doesn't say you're that much better but the masters database pretty much doubles black's winrate compared to any other move after Qc7, less than 100 games. But Nf6 followed by Bg4 was the tipping point for black.

  7. A suggestion- make the stock fish bar a little more visible.

  8. Wow he found some nice tactics there against danya, quite impressive

  9. The younger Man is strong that’s for sure! To hold Naroditsky to such an equal game for so many moves is no mean feat. He will be a very strong GM I’m sure of it.

  10. What a legend. tricky down to the last second. that was not easy for danya!

  11. At 3:18 why can't Tani just take pawn B2? Why trades queens if you don't have to.

  12. Good format. Fun to watch Danya play.

  13. Can someone explain the rule about touching pieces? It looks like at one point Tani started touching the black pieces and Danya touched one of his pieces and then moved another piece. Isn’t that illegal?

  14. What the hell,since when did monkeys learn how to play chess?!?!!!

  15. Bro wore a t-shirt of himself to the tournament lmao what a beast.

  16. Who the duck is on the next table. They're killing that poor clock

  17. Tani is hard but Magnus will make him seem ordinary.

  18. Hopefully Danya covers this game on his channel. 😍😍

  19. Tani is incredible when you consider that danya is one of the best blitz/bullet players in the world

  20. Tani only lose 1 tempo, and that cost him the whole game.

  21. Tani's understanding of chess is vastly improving

  22. Impressive game by the young man. Danya is a very strong blitz player and he definitely had to work for that one. I hope he becomes one of the top players in the world some day.

  23. Danya had only one weakness on b5, Tani had b2 then c3 then h3 and f4, small things like that make a huge difference.

  24. Ashamed to see a 12 year old is way more mature than i am

  25. Being a NY native, I've been following Tani's story since the original was released years ago and it's been incredible watching his skills unfold and now he's suddenly in strong contention with some of the best in the world. You love to see it. Keep it up my man.

  26. GM Naroditsky starts exploiting the weakness of white's c pawn. How Tani actively patches those weaknesses(at 5:29 Nc1-b3-and in a nick of time Nc5) is impressive!

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